I'm on the linux train aswell .. Please do not be mad at us :)

EAC is now very easy to get back in RUST on linux …

Rust used to be the only game that held me back from getting on the linux steam train. When Windows 11 came out I had had enough of Microsoft and made the OS switch … Through the years I have had many distros on trial running in VM’s on my main system. Now Linux Mint runs on ALL my systems … To my great surprise I discovered that all the games I play run on Linux now … BF4, ALbion Online, Valheim, CIV-V/VI, No Mans Sky, Elite Dangerous, XCOM 2, Northguard, Torchlight II & III, EverQuest 2, ICARUS and many many more … and then … Rust … It runs great , just can not connect to any official servers :frowning:

So I’m asking you FacePunch. Please if it is as simple as laid out in that article, could you please please reenable EAC for us happy Rust players on linux now :slight_smile:

Yours …

One script is all they would need to add, it seems like one dev could do it on their lunch break.

One day they will :')