I'm playing amnesia, the difference is that I have a gun.


Without blurry CRY OF FEAR Logo
Blurry screen instead.

Except you can’t reload with something in your other hand.

Shoot Struts in the kneecap and walk away.

just simply put the lantern down and reload.

Cool model, makes me think if it were shorter it could replace the ugly HL2:Beta kids models.

I keep thinking Simon was a kid!

Why did they make him look like a girl with a beard? I mean it even looks like he has tits. :v:

Yeah I thought it was a girl for a second until I saw the stubble.

Now it looks like a girl with stubble.

They refered team leader’s face:


and I don’t know about tits… lol

Cool lighting, and Amnesia with ANY weapons would be nice.

If I ever come into contact with this model I’m high-ressing the fuck out of the hoodie’s texture.

I can send you this If you could.

I wiel :slight_smile: It might be a different color because I’d likely be doing phototexturing with whatever sweatshirts I can find, but PM me and we’ll talk.

I can’t wait till this model is done

It looks so good.

Or if the lantern runs out of oil and the person have no more spare oil or tinderbox

Could you please send me the link to this model too, please? I want this so badly.

Maybe tomorrow send me pm