I'm playing RUST with 7 FPS BUG PROBLEM

Hello, Sorry for my bad english, I’m from Brazil.
I’m having a problem with RUST, I have a I7, 8 gb RAM , Nvidia Geforce GT 630M 2gb, and a Intel HD Graphics 4000.
Playing with my NVIDIA GT 630M, or INTEL HD Graphics 4000, my FramePerSecond don’t pass 10 FPS.
I play easily GTA V, DISHONORED , SKYRIM , FALLOUT but my RUST is with FPS TOO slow.

Someone could help me?

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Turn it all down then try see your fps

FPS Still between 5 and 8 FPS

Turn down draw distance and detail, which you had maxed. No wonder. Also turn down the resolution, in case you’re running it at 1080p.

Comparing Rust to finished games is silly because those finished games have been optimized and polished. Rust is still in alpha. You could try turning PVT on, it might help performance. Or it might make it even worse, depending on if PVT is still broken. Because alpha.

Turning grass quality to max actually gives me a 5-8 FPS boost. Give it a try.

Damn son, your game be running worse than a 3 legged Hippopotamus.

Thank you all for tips, but My FPS still does not change :confused:
My Video card, somehow, is not working right with RUST, somenone know how to fix it?

Get a better GPU, you seem to have a high spec CPU when you should have spent more on your GPU when gaming.

Your GPU (630)should be able to handle 40-50(ish) FPS on low/medium. Have you tried to reinstall your GPU drivers? What kind of HDD are you using?

You also mentioned INTEL HD Graphics 4000. i never heard of that in desk top computers, only in laptops, is it integrated? If so, INTEL HD Graphics 4000 is NOT the best option for gaming at all. Maybe your integrated GPU are running rust and not your GT 630?

EDIT: Another tip, try to play in DX9 and not DX11

First of all, i5 and i7 CPUs include Intel HD Graphics technology, meaning all new Intel CPUs come with an integrated graphics processor. However, if you actually read the OP, you’ll see you’ve already missed important details:

If Rust was using his integrated graphics it would say Intel HD Graphics 4000, there. So, no, that isn’t the problem.

Are you sure? I don’t trust Alphas. It might be confused ^^, I would understand his FPS with the INTEL HD Graphics 4000, but it makes no sense with the gt 630. Maybe it’s the HDD bottlenecking, but that should cause some issues in Skyrim as well.

I updated today my NVIDIA DRIVER and the problem continues, I think that is a problem with RUST, somehow it can’t use correctly my Nvidia Gt 630 m.
And I already tried to run in DX9 or DX11 , same results :confused:

jbneto, make sure you right-click on your desktop and set your default graphics adapter to be the 630M.

Also, take a screenshot of this screen right here while you’re loaded into a server and see if it’s still using the 630M.

elixwhitetail, thanks a lot to trying to help me!
Dude I already selected nvidia gt 630M to be the Graphic Card for RUST.EXE RUSTSCLIENT.EXE,
And This screenshot is from the game, when i’m playing it

Monitor your temperatures while in-game. If you don’t have any utilities already installed, you could try SpeedFan. If anything goes over 65C, keep a close eye on performance as the temperature goes up.

The temperature is the same of any other game i’ve played.
And I’ve already tried a FAN to cooler my notebook :confused:
Don’t make any difference

The other problem is that your 630M is just not a very powerful card. It’s not a gaming card. [=77&cmp=2702&cmp=95"]Here it is compared to a current sub-$200 gaming card (the R9 270x) and what was a mid-range gaming card in 2008 (9600 GT).](http://www.videocardbenchmark.net/compare.php?cmp[) Spoiler, the 9600 GT performs a little bit better than your card. All I can say is, ouch. Turn down the resolution and drop everything to its lowest (except FOV, keep that around 75 so you’re not blind).

The solution is newer hardware that’s more focused on gaming, and if you need your computer to be a laptop, gaming laptops are expensive. Desktops are more reasonably priced, although the Brazilian import fees on hardware don’t help.

Yeaaaaaaaaaah Here everything is SO EXPENSIVE! kk
Man, I know that my card is not so powerful, but i can play GTA V, Skyrim and rust for don’t need a lot of ‘power’. I have friends that have a worse graphic card and processor and is playing with high FPS. :confused:

Rust is also not a finished game, and has a lot of optimization work to do. GTA V and Skyrim have had thousands of hours of programmer work optimizing them to run as well as possible on toasters (GTA more than Skyrim, here). Rust’s performance will get better over time.

However, your GPU is not particularly gaming-oriented, and that doesn’t help you with performance at all. Newer doesn’t always mean better. Your CPU’s powerful enough to handle the game, though, or at least it should be.