Im raging at this update

I opened up Garry’s Mod after this update, joined MY own server, Friends hosted server, single players and all returned this result.

This is ONLY after this previous update. I have tried clean installs, removing addons, verifying files… Nothing is working.

Players are also invisible.

So you were spawned under the map?

Yes, but everyone else sees me perfectly fine. Here is my console from when I start, to when Im into the server.

Another thing I tried, which works in TF2, is record a demo/stop the recording… But that works to no avail.

Just noclip out of the ground for now, it’s not a major issue

It is, I can walk in the ground. Noclipping does not putting on “the ground”, I just sit midway, I cant see other players, all items are errors. To me, it is a major issue.

You mean you’re falling thu the displacement?

Im not falling, Im at a median. What you see in the screenshot, is where Im standing, all the time, I can walk in the median, walk all over the map… just always halfway in the ground on my screen. On others, Im normal.

so… Yeah.

Cracked gmod.

How do you figure?

If it was cracked, he would not have the newest update already. It usually takes about a day before it is avalible.