Im recreating metal gear solid 1

hi i am a major metal gear solid 1 fan and i thought to myself why hasn’t anyone made metal gear solid 1 maps so i am making metal gear solid 1 maps for people to play


all i need to do now is the warning sirens and the trigger map change

I think you should get better at mapping before you do this.

I think you should add alot more detail and better lighting. Just because it was a PS1 game doesn’t mean it still has to look as crappy as one in the source engine. I like the idea though. Quite a task to take on.

i know things look rubbish but i will be making changes

I think it rocks man. People on here are harsh =]

I know Liam, and I think his mapping skills are brilliant for a 12 year old.


better than me and I’m 22

To be honest I was better when I was twelve, and it doesn’t make any difference, you can’t use it as an excuse. He needs to get better at mapping before he attempts to take on big projects like this.

Technology has improved. Detail, detail, light, and detail.

No, were realistic.

Doesn’t mean to say we don’t tell the truth.

Wow. That sounds tough.
The whole game?

If you are going to make it, it better be good.

Well, it looks like MGS1 alright.

Lighting, and get more acurate:


This is quite an ambitious project mate, you should improve on your mapping skills before you tackle it.

Or maybe you could try encouraging him and trying to point him at useful hints and tips in Hammer ? You know , instead of trying to force everyone into remaking gm_construct over and over again+

Your off to a good start Mr OP, but look into custom textures, and some lighting


Add a load of pipes and shit basically. Try to make each room look less like a box and more like a box with a load of boxes inside of it.

My father learned Hammer just to do this.
He made the first docks (The one you attempted to make) and the helipad area outside.
It looked really nice, alot better than I thought it would look.
Afterwards, he backuped some stuff on his PC onto a DVD so he could format.
When he installed everything again, it turned out he had saved a very early version of the map. After that he didn’t make any more maps. :frowning:

Ages is still not a good enough excuse to say his mapping skill is perfect. What matter is their skill and creativity and a motivation. I started younger than him and my maps weren’t bland and too dark, just bugged.


Add beams, supports, stair, and improve the lighting. The area was supposed to have supports to hold up the ceiling. L
ighting can be improve by increasing the outer and inner angle to 85 and 60, respectively. With lighting brightness set to around 90-110. Keep in mind no light sources are white. Either tungsten(yellowish) or very light baby blue (Almost white but still partially blue).
Add props like light bulb and add dust motes.
You might want to throw in cubemaps as well, I’m not seeing proper reflection on the water.

Those would be my suggestions to improving your map. :slight_smile:

Why is it so dark? Lighting isn’t one of those details that you either put in or you don’t like a prop or a door, it’s something you add once and fix as soon as possible.

My helpful tip: Work on sections of the map one at a time. Don’t move on until you think that section is perfect; And feel free to add props in the middle of development, they help you see the look you’re going for and allow you to balance the room. When it comes to large rooms, start on a small section, like a corner, rather than creating a large space and cramming things into it. Work on lighting last; You can still test the map without it being in total darkness as long as there are no light sources… if there are place a few temporary lights to help see the in-game version. Practice texturing as well, there’s a lot of adjustments that can be made with the texture application tool; Like fitting the image to the object, adjusting its position and rotation, and scaling it it the right size.

Also try looking at places like this:

For mapping help.

Facepunch is always open to new mappers

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