"Im reloading!" Gaz is supporting German troops on an ambush

Its a first, and i didnt know how to edit good muzzle flashes…
o well ill learn

Filter spam DESTROYS my eyes


also muzzle flashes copied and pasted in from paint
did i mention filter bloom rape
look at other people’s pictures and you can learn
ALSO STOP DROP AND http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=203222

ok sorry.
i said it was a first -.-

Ok the posing is decent. Don’t just copy and paste, actually. Just don’t try editing at the moment. Just work on posing.


To get rid of the black around the muzzle flashes just use “Color to Alpha” if you’re using GIMP. and then just experiment on from there.

and remember kids


Wtf it is, is a piece of dump i created.
anyway i took another screenie, and took alot more time on it, and i think it turned out better :smiley:
Not sure im gonna post it yet, ill see

the muzzleflashes made me lol real hard

Don’t even try to use filters. They mess up a picture beyond belief if they’re not used correctly and toned down to the point where they’re barely visible.

Yeah i noticed, im starting to wish i didnt create this abomination =(

the yellow filter is just…hurts my eyes

and the muzzle flash looks like a cut out


yes i am aware

Can we get someone here to lock or delete this thread?

for beginners just work on posing, when you got that then you should start to learn to edit

also make sure you spend time on your pics and dont filter rape, EVER.

No, it isn’t.

It’s better than most posing for first-timers. Posing on the far back shooter looks awkward to me. Same with the guy nearest the camera. Don’t filter rape.

That would make a really good muzzleflash in a Goldsource game.

Work on your posing before editing. If you can’t pose good, you’ll just be polishing a piece of shit. No matter how good it looks, it’s still a piece of shit.