I'm rewriting perp for the community I'm apart of, I want suggestions

Basically I have PerpX2, which is an uglier version of the first one and basically it uses a SHIT ton of networked variables and a SHIT ton of useless stuff.

Anyways, I’m rewriting the code and I would love for your suggestions in what I should remove/add or modify, The server will be on rp_evocity_v33x and gets really popular when it’s actually up.

It’s in Australia and it’s apart of the MindBlast community. The server will be up in a few days time but I’d just like to get some suggestion from you guys first on what I should change.

Thanks, I’m not here for trolling or any of that and I won’t release this, it’s being written specifically for MindBlast (by me)

Hosting it from Australia is probably a bad idea (If you want people from other places to play like Europe or America.), it will give a lot of other players bad connections, and I am not sure if you are or not but just keep it in mind.

One thing I hated about PERP was you needed to buy XP points, maybe in your modified version you could make it so people gain XP as they do things.

Who are you hiring to code it for you?

This is a problem for most players. From Holland (in europe) I get about 350 ping to Australian servers…

There’s your problem.

Only good thing in PERP was the firefighter.

I guess I can encourage people to become firefighter by randomly starting fires around the place from time to time?

We have a large player base in Australia and I do understand you’re from other countries, it would help me though to get your opinions on what should get taken out and put into PERP…

Make it less laggy and very different from PERP in general. Rewrite some VGUI/Derma, add some new inventory features, and fix DB issues.

This is what I’m working on at the moment, I’m removing all the networked variables I can and swapping it all with usermessages, which are all usermessage pooled.

perp… perp… sorry it’s not in my database, my “Quality gamemodes that are worth even looking at” database.

Does anyone else get a headache when looking at PERP’s code?

Firstly, fix your servers, secondly you need to plan it out more carefully, at the moment you seem to have next to no idea and seem to think everyone here will just give you all the ideas you need.

I’ve taken the PERP server down until I get this new release out which I’m moving the map and fixing a heap of bugs such as warehouse and the f1 menu being broke, I’ve halted working on this because I can’t get to the server due to the valve update. I have many ideas but I’d like to elaborate by asking for more ideas from others to see what would be better.

Must be… knowing you came on this thread :slight_smile:

why to rewrite a leaked gamemode? make your new game mode

-_- there’s probably nothing wrong with your server gamemodes, but there is something wring with your server/serverbox itself. Fix it before doing something that draws attention.

I bought it off Hunts, and his fine with me using it, if thats what you’re asking.

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