Im searching for a gamemode

If this is in the wrong section move it please.

Im searching a gamemode/server where i played (long time ago) it was 2008 or 2009 okay heres the description if anyone knows the gamemode or server please answer:U spawn at an trader with noob weapons the trader can sell u weapons u get money by killing zombies can make bases and stuff like a group with an group entitie like an ring and if somone gets in u can kill him there where much places to hide there was like a monster that pushes a monster big one and a zombie that ignites u and some normal modded zombies and a hunter

Hope somone knows it im searching now 4 months for it

if u dont know now anything about that server dont reply…

Zombified World.


We’re recoding it from base up, will take a long while to finish.

Thankyou Man i searched it for long time