I'm searching for a server with no or very limited C4

The game is in alpha, so I understand that it is unbalanced. Until it enters beta and gives us ways to protect our homes from raids with C4 spammers (like ways to resist C4, or to make traps so that raiders have to be careful about raiding houses, even when the owner is away), I want to settle in a server that has no C4 or that seriously limits (like not being able to craft, only find it). I still want PVP, I’m just fed up of loggin in and find out that I was raided while I was away, wasting all my playing time until then.

TL;DR: I want a server with no C4 or at least not craftable.

For what? Its not a minecraft…

There’s can still be PVP.

Right now, the alpha is very unbalanced. No or limited C4 helps to balance a little bit (at least, it lessens the likeness of being raided while sleeping). Also, it gives a chance to people who prefer to play alone or get along with a couple in-game friends that learns to know and trust. Loggin in with friends, sometimes using teamspeak to coordinate and just overrun powerless players, is not fun for everyone. It’s not survival, it’s metagaming.


pretty ok server, started 2 days ago, i’m playing on that one atm (hope to get more ppl on it)


You can’t craft C4 on our server - only drops.

Hey man :slight_smile:

I run the Reddit Rust Community and saw your thread. While we don’t limit C4 or any item, we are a friendly server and are yet to have anyone get raided. PvP is on, but everyone on our server prefers to trade rather than raid/KoS.

We also run custom events and have friendly active admins.

Check it out and if you have any other questions let me know.

I’ll be ingame from around 18:00 London time onwards tonight.

Feel free to message me here or on Reddit and I’ll get back to you asap.

Welcome :slight_smile:


Go on an server with TNT… Same thing as C4 on rust

Hey. I run a pickup only c4/military weapons server called Naked Coalition. Come check us out have a good time. Crafting is blocked for those items.