Im sick of star wars RP/Military RP

Why is it that every crappy server is either military rp or star wars rp? These servers are just darkrp scripted servers with horrible coding and HUD’s ripped straight from the workshop. And yet they call it, “CUSTOM” God these servers think they are so hot shot because they are “serious rp” when the only RPING you do will be /me salutes. And they try and make you think that there is an IC and OOC. Even though you get banned for saying stuff in either one. I said ALLAHU AKBAR in ooc and some how I was “minging” I said something bad about a battalion in OOC and I still got blacklisted from it. Also I got banned for 2 weeks. Wha


Welcome to RP servers

They wanted me to remake the hole gamemode from scratch for like 5 $ but I said I’m good i don’t like to just steal shit from darkrp and call it something else

It’s too late, the Serious RP servers are taking over and no ones gonna stop it.
But i mean, if you’re concerned by the fact that these servers get a bigger playerbase than better servers then play Singleplayer, it’s there for a reason.