I'm sick of the bullshit going on in TTT

I’ve been playing TTT recently and noticed a lot of bullshit caused by all the servers. It starts from a retarded ass rule that’s going to kill TTT in the end; “No RDMing”. This rule was made by some anal raging pussy who can’t handle being killed ever. The rule is NOT itself whats ruining the game, it’s how the players interpret it. Running around shooting random people = RDM. Throwing a grenade and blaming it on someone else and starting drama, is NOT an RDM, but I still got banned from a good server for it. I hate how people are ruining this once hilarious game. Now it’s more of a cat and mouse, because anything innocents don’t do anything other than run around in circles, and if they try to do anything fun they get banned. This is also hurting the terrorists. People used to ‘claim’ rooms a lot, like “If anyone comes in here I’m shooting them”. This used to be a good excuse to let traitors get kills, because they would blame it on the room, but now you can’t do that anymore without getting banned. Once, I hit someone with a crowbar randomly as an innocent, he shot killed me, he got shot and killed, and everyone started open firing. That sounds more fun than “GUYS PLAY BY DA RULES INNOCENTS RUN AROUND TRAITORS TRY 2 KILL THEM”.

My point being is there any server that lacks bullshit like that and actually has a good community lacking try-hard players/admins?


  1. Garry’s Mod communities are full of bullshit.

  2. Everyone will say their community has no bullshit. They’re all lying.

  3. Deal with the bullshit, or make your own server.

  4. The only communities without bullshit are private and governed with an iron fist.

  5. No, you can’t play on them.

How did the people who are already on these servers get in then, huh?

Playing for a long time and proving over the years to be a mature adult who knows not to cause bullshit.

What about a mature teenager? Where did you play to prove this? How did you find out about these utopia servers where everything’s perfect and magical?

If you want to kill random people, go play deathmatch.

-snip, ballsed up the falling quotes thing-
you don’t sound very mature
So, your main problem is that other players are playing by the rules and having fun, yet when you try to break the rules and get banned, that’s bad?


keep it off facepunch hun

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if you don’t have common sense, you don’t belong on multiplayer, period

couldn’t agree more.

That largely depends on which grenade, and where it was thrown.

Yea when someone dies they instantly go RDM, if somone is following you when you are alone you should be allowed to kill them. There are to many kids on who get buthurt and scream rdm at every kill even if the guy was a traitor. One thing i hat being admin is i always get private messages this guy rdm me and i just ignore it unless the guys karma is bellow 700 and hes been doing it every round. For my server i have no rules really due to we are mostly grown ups, but sometimes there is an annoying kid who ruines it all for everyone. I don’t let the people of the server know who is admin so they can’t complain to everyone.

Another annyoing thing is i had vote kick enable for the users to kick a real rdmer, instead they use it to vote kick a guy who killed them once; and they will spam it.

I understand where you are coming from.