I'm so sorry honey, I had to do it. I love you...

Thread music.

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40 Minutes to crank out this one.
Backstory: Wife gets infected and turns. Guy has to shoot her and move on before the sound of the gunshot attracts more infected.

It’s been a while since I really tried to do an emotional picture. I thought the music was fitting. C&C is always appreciated, even if it’s negative.

You can edit it to your heart’s content.

Would have been more emotional if it was darker.

Intense lighting.
I feel depressed already.

I can’t see shit as it is on my huge CRT monitor. If you can edit it, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do.

I read it as “I’m so horny, I had to do it. I love you…”

Not a bad picture. Maybe to capture the mood better you could fiddle with darker lighting, but that’s bandwagon shit I guess.

his face posing is very nicely done mate!

Not exactly what i was expecting. as Ben said it didn’t really capture the mood i think you were trying to set.


Those bodies sure are dark.

Interesting lighting.

Fuck it, I’m posting this in the Edit My Screenshot Thread. I can’t edit. Hopefully I’ll post the edited picture if anyone decides to try it.

Those arms look like he masturbates on an hourly basis.

I know that isn’t your fault, though, nice screenshot. Emotional.

Read title as “I’m so horny, I had to do it I love you…”

Entered thread.


It’s a good picture though, I like the posing.

Maybe I’ll make a parody when I get some alone time at home. Right after I masturbate and play on my computer in my underwear.


Yes, please.

That is a promise.