I'm Sorry

I am sorry to all new players who are naked and I kill on sight, I have to do this because of the hackers, who are naked and fly, speed hack, and aimbot me, I cannot tell the difference between the hackers and the newbies.
I have to kill a naked as soon as possible because if they are a hacker I have no time to react as they push a button and I am dead. I am only on official servers and I used to interact with people using voice chat but now I just hide in the shadows with minimun inventory on me looking to assasinate the next person who walks by. I cannot operate in the open and interact with people because of cheaters, I have adapted my gameplay style to counter this and I apologise to all the newbies who have just started and get murdered by me. It will continue this way. This is now how I play Rust.

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Apology not accepted.

Ok, how many hours have you played Rust for?

Are people still surprised that they get KOS’d on the official servers constantly?

Arenthas do you actually play Rust? and if you do are you actually a newb? or are you just a troll?

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Sievers808, your right its a common thing to kill on sight now, make me feel bad just to kill someone, I cant make friends cause i cant tell them from anyone elese, so now after months of playing I have decided to kill anyone I see

When I KOS its because I’ve been shot in the head 5/10 times I try and be friendly to a naked guy. I do run around with a minimum load-out because of hackers (got hit with an AOE hacky by “LucyBrucy” last night). But my KOS is mainly due to stranger danger.

That’s how the official servers are… especially with cheaters messing with things there’s not many groups that are successful. I strongly recommend community servers to everyone, I know you’ll complain about “not enough people” but there are plenty of servers with very active populations.

Sievers808 the population on community servers are dropping as the amount of players leaving Rust increases, I have played on many community servers and the numbers drop on them weekly. I cannot find one with more than 80 people on peek time.

Yes I would love to play on community servers just because they have admin but numbers are low now on Rust because of the hackers.
I have reduced my playtime dramatically that is why im spending more time on the forum, because of hackers. Its not going to change, there will always be cheaters until the players have given up and player base dropped dramatically, then in a years time the next game will come out but this game will have anti cheat, then everyone will forget Rust as the game that was really just a mod that failled.

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Facepunch you got your money your in over your head that is evident, just take your money and run, you will save face that way rather than pretendind like you are.

Well that was pessimistic… It’s obvious that you don’t know what you’re talking about and don’t understand how game development actually works.
Plus, you really think things would be better​ if they just took everyone’s money and stopped developing? No, I don’t think so.

Not sure how much the player population is actually dropping, Steam still has an average peak players at like 60,000 a day. I don’t think the population is shrinking as much as it’s just spreading itself out to too many servers.

I know how a business works and its evident that you do not Sievers808, trust me Rust has nearly peaked, it will have several boosts along the way how big the peaks depends on game experience, IE cheaters. People dont like losing everything and starting again this is where Rust will fail, either through cheaters or game limitations.

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it will fizzle out very quickly, dayz must be quietly confident

I’m not sure you do know how a business works.

Why would you abandon a brand that has seen extreme popularity in such a short time? The market is starved for games like this. Starting a new brand and hoping for similar success would be foolish when you could just keep developing your established brand and sell more copies.

Also, a lot of people don’t bother with pre-release games, especially at such an early stage. And of course some people will just hold out to see which direction the game ends up taking. There are a lot of people who would pay for the finished game. Why not cash in on them as well?

Cutting and running would be pretty stupid, from a business perspective…

I didn’t realize that you surveyed all of the “people” to get your information about what we like.

Are you stupid? they have received over 20m $ with little outlay on a game that they admit is 10%

That says it all.

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So you do like losing everything you worked for for months and starting again ?

I just posted about someone saying “spend more money”…
Why does everyone think there’s some amazing game-dev store where Garry can go spend all of his millions (which I’m sure isn’t really as realistic as everyone assumes) on amazing instant updates?

It doesn’t work that way. You need to be more patient.

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Do I like starting over? No… however I don’t usually spend months on one thing in a game like this.
But the fact that I might have to start over is why the game is so intense and epic.

I would love for all of the cheaters to miraculously disappear but that’s not going to happen for a while. For now, I’m enjoying the game in servers that don’t have 100 players, servers that tend to not attract hordes of script-kiddies.

I’m okay with this because I know that I spent $20 to play a game that I knew would be totally broken, unfinished, and at times unplayable. Because that’s what an alpha is.

Right now it’s cheaters. Around christmas it was the uLink exploit. And there were plenty of people spouting off the same crap as you. Getting all pissed and bothered and then poof a few days later it was fixed. People were playing again. And then “Oh snap!”, you can’t dupe anymore (easily lol).

It comes over time… chill out lol.

Are you for real? Obviously you are short of business sense.

To get 20m$ on an alpha game is the end game, youll get the rest of the game for sure but the business has been done, the profits made. Just a bit of polish to the game is all that is needed then facepunch cant lose.

The only way to lose now is to infest in the game to full development, it might not lose but it may as player base is falling and cheatpunch and vac have failled to prevent hackers

This is the problem, they cant stop cheaters that is evident, that would be the first port of call, but they have tried and failed several times, makink it unplayable.

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