Im starting gmod modeling.

I starting to do 3d modeling in autodesk inventor at school and i wanted to get into modeling for gmod is there anything that i need to know? What programs can i use? Any rules on polys and or other things? Let me know :smiley:

here’s a very comprehensive article regarding the basics of this stuff. how to convert your model for Source use, the software and plugins you need, a rough reference for polycounts, file types, textures and shaders, things like that.

with any luck, one of the many experts in this section will come to provide additional info

When you say “65k tris” what does that mean?

65 000 triangles, or polygons

Coming from inventor you might not be super familiar with triangles and the like, as inventor is CAD/Solid modelling for making real world toolable objects.

Modelling for games uses polygonal modelling, models are made up of vertices, edges, and ultimately triangular faces. More triangles = more computation for GPU. So as TFA mentioned it would be in your best interest to learn one of the programs he mentioned, don’t bother trying to get Inventor to work with a game engine, it will not be worth it. Blender is free so there’s that, but I personally can’t stand it, and between 3DS Max and Maya I prefer Maya.