I'm starting to get a little concerned we haven't heard word one about the missing servers...

I can’t imagine it would taken very long to put out a tweet or a post saying “They exploded. No ETA”.

I’m just getting really concerned, because this kind of complete absence of any acknowledgement of a large number of missing official servers for this long doesn’t bode well for -anything else- that happens in an alpha, little alone a beta.

Combine it with the huge cheat that’s killing everyone on every server and we haven’t heard word one about it being acknowledged by anyone but other players…

Is this setting the precedence of leaving everyone in the dark?
I get that “Steam Dev Days” is important to Facepunch, but they claimed :

“We’re going to Seattle to Steam Dev Days. Please don’t take that to mean that we’re rich now so we’re abandoning Rust in favor of jetsetting around the world. We’re doing it for you guys!”

Eh… this isn’t exactly setting a good example.

Have I missed a confirmation somewhere? I’ve checked every related twitter, news page and related topic I could find.

Please understand I’m not attacking Facepunch. I’m expressing concern about two massive issues that we haven’t so much as received a verbal acknowledgement of existence on.

The game’s in alpha. You need to adjust your expectations a bit. Maybe they took those servers down because there are just so many community servers now and they don’t want to have to deal with completely unmoderated official servers, or there’s something going on between them and the hosts they were using. I don’t know.

But the game is still in active development.

What is the other massive issue? The cheats? Welcome to alpha. They’ll fix it. If you don’t like the state of the game right now, play something else for a while. Seriously. I’m not even joking. Garry warned people not to buy it because it’s still in alpha, but over 150,000 people didn’t listen to him.

No where in my post did I say “why haven’t they fixed it”.

You know why you don’t know? Because they haven’t said. You’re making wild assumptions that do -absolutely nothing- and contribute nothing to the thread topic.

I’m sorry, “it’s alpha” isn’t a viable excuse when it takes less than 30 seconds to tweet “Shits broke. No ETA”. This isn’t an internal corporate alpha that we were invited to. It’s a paid alpha.

I think, in exchange for an early paid alpha no matter how incomplete, a single sentence isn’t asking for a lot in exchange.
There are more than enough companies that already do this. Is Facepunch one of the companies that can’t be bothered?

Is that what you’re saying? Facepunch is going to use the excuse “it’s alpha” to avoid spending 45 seconds making a news post?

It’s a tad ridiculous you even posted that. There are a huge, HUGE number of other things that people could complain about but don’t because it’s -clearly alpha-. No one is complaining. You need to take a Xanax.
I’m asking if this is a sign of the unwillingness of Facepunch to speak with their player base. That’s it. Period.

Your entire post has nothing to do with the topic.

Edit: Also, just on a side note? “Garry warned people not to buy it because it’s still in alpha, but over 150,000 people didn’t listen to him.” - It’s like there was nothing he could do to stop himself from posting it as an early access game, right? We forced him at gunpoint. It had nothing to do with them wanting early access funds. There’s no other way they could have acquired necessary funds… some kind of, jump starter… or KICKSTARTER?

I think you pretty much gave the reason right there, not withstanding whatever might actually be the reason the servers are down. They didn’t post that because they wanted to brag; they did it to let people know that they were going to be busy with something else for a bit and let us know why.

As far as it being alpha goes, when you pay for an ‘early access’ game it probably helps if instead of thinking of it as BUYING the Alpha, you think of it as pre-purchasing the complete game with the benefit that you’re being ALLOWED to tool around with the incomplete product. Expecting anything during the development period (including communication) is probably one of the easiest ways to end up frustrated with something like this.

Yeah, again, I don’t see how “expecting communication” is immediately dismissed, even in an alpha.

Alpha’s wouldn’t exist without communication. That’s not how alpha’s have ever worked. People became used to the idea of beta or stress tests where they aren’t really looking for your feedback, only for your body mass on the server.

Are we now applying that expectation to alpha’s, paid or otherwise, and isn’t it a little odd you think it’s somehow difficult, no matter where they are, to tweet a one liner?

Are you telling me they’re so wrapped up in Dev Days (Which, by the way, didn’t start until today. It’s the 15th and 16th of January, and these issues have been going on for days now) they can’t tweet?

Edit: Oh, nope. https://twitter.com/garrynewman Garry is tweeting from Dev Days.
They just can’t be bothered to tweet about their game?
That doesn’t SOUND like it bodes very well for the games future.

Again, I like Rust. This is a topic on whether or not Facepunch is going the EA route of communication with Rust.

What’s the point in a public alpha if there is no dev-player communication? How do devs learn what works/doesn’t work if players don’t give feedback and how do players know what/how to communicate if devs don’t respond to the feedback?

Basically, we’re paying for early access and playtesting, which is all fine. But, as the OP said, getting a tweet or 30 seconds spent on a forum post or log update saying “We know there’s a suicide hack and we’re working on it.” is important. If not, players who believe they aren’t being heard will either stop giving feedback or quit altogether, which is death to a game focused on player interaction.

I’m saying you shouldn’t EXPECT communication, not that it won’t happen. At this point you’re not “the player base”, your “the lab rats”… or at least that’s the expectation. This is basically the reason they suggested against buying it. And there are any number of reasons the servers could be down. My only point is that they don’t seem to think its important to tell you/us why at this particular moment and that at this stage in the game I don’t think that’s indicative of anything.

I agree somewhat with umdshaman here in that drawing any long term conclusions about these two particular incidents is premature (I disagree that the expectation of having good communication is unreasonable even at this point). I get tired of the ‘it’s an alpha’ excuse as much as most, but it’s more than that – it’s an alpha and it’s Facepunch.

In other words, don’t take the lack of communication as a sign that this will become abandonware. It’s just part for the course. :slight_smile:

Garry and Helk aren’t available at the moment, so we can’t look into it. Sorry.

And I think it’s indicative of everything.
My niece can update her facebook while driving (someone please stop her), but Garry can’t get someone to tweet “Cat 4 Kaiju destroyed server facility. No ETA” ? I just did it. Right there. It took me less than 5 seconds.

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Thank you. Thank you very much.

Done and done.

yes it is as you clearly stated in your first post that the game is in beta and its not so shhhhhhhhh

I don’t think it will be abandonware, but if Facepunch is having a problem keeping up now with a playerbase before a public release brings in even more players, it doesn’t bode as well for the future. Granted, players can rage a lot and complain, but I’ve got to think at least someone at the Steam Developer’s conference can give the devs internet access to put up a new blog post, even if its to say, as MaxOfS2D did, that the devs aren’t available.

Oh god, so much whine in here.
Garry told you that he’d be busy for a few days. It is a early access game, with no release date. Did you want a ‘perfectly’ working game, then you should have waited for the release.

What do you want garry to do? Sit 24/7 and read all these awful rust threads?

I try to be nice and not attack…but dude all I ever see you post is rants at OP’s and how you think their post is stupid or how they may be stupid.

I guarantee I could find 10 threads in a few minutes from the past few days that you have posted in and you are always a jack-wagon to the OP or someone who posted (usually the OP).

Maybe step away and let more calm people interact with OP’s…

Heck maybe they are doing a repost or maybe they did not have time to read the hundreds of post by dev’s or thousands by users…maybe not. There is no need for such pointless aggression that doesn’t assist anyone.

Appreciate you taking the time to read!!! =)


It’s a perfectly acceptable reason for not doing so.

They already told you it was going to have problems. That’s what that whole “alpha” thing means.

Do you need them to keep telling you over and over and over again? If so, you’re the reason they don’t, because you aren’t listening.

Having issues with the game isn’t what OP (or me for that matter) are up in arms about. It’s the complete lack of communication up until the post by maxofs2d in this very thread. It’s not hard to log onto twitter, facepunch, or their blog to toss out a “hey we’re aware of the server issues, but we cannot currently deal with the issue.” At least then the people would know and could stop looking for answers or fixes.

Its not hard your right but from their perspective I see why they aren’t posting about the issues.

Think about it this way. If you were working on this game and somebody makes a hacked client that insta kills players when they are in their radius. Would you go post a notice on the front page of your website and tell everyone about it.

Ontop of that you should expect things like this to occur in early access games (not talking specifically to you) I mean they have to know about the exploit to fix it you know? Its not like they can fix what they don’t yet know about and its also not like they can do it right when they find out about it.

As for everyone else complaining theres a virtue known as patience try it out sometime

If you’re not upset about having issues with the game, then why do they need to post up-to-the-minute updates on what they’re doing?

Relax. The game is in alpha. It’s going to have problems. The devs don’t need to log in every day just to tell you “hey btw the game is still going to have problems”. If you can’t grasp this, then put the game down, go outside, and come back when it’s finished.