"I'm starting to hate these patrols, so damn cold." - Two Russians patrolling

Well… as the fix for the models that Tls did… it didn’t fix it atleast for me. So I copied a different .phy and replaced it so I can actually pose.


C&C is most appreciative. :ohdear:

5:50 PM - Jynx :D: http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=888172
5:50 PM - ^2GermanAAGun: ?
5:51 PM - Jynx :D: Post

Posing is solid and it could have done with a snow edit. The right guy’s neck looks broken though :v:
Have some painted wood

A bit too blurry for my taste.

I like the camouflage background. Hand posing one the closest solider looks a bit funny. He is breaking his wrists.
Lift that elbow.

Very blurry, posing looks decent though. Kinda boring :confused:

I wonder why you cant feel that its arm fixed
I fixed and it works.

I’m so sorry. I don’t know why but I’ll re-fix it and upload it

Don’t worry about it, I replaced the .phy with the Russian paratroopers on Gmod.org and I can actually work the arms…