Im stuck and getting teleported back everytime :(


im new to Rust and the first time i played it, there were no problems with laggs or anything like that. But they recently updated die Game and now im getting teleported back everytime. Im not even near anything, like its a flat land but yet im getting stuck.

Can someone help me?:frown:

had the same thing reconnecting fixes it.

Got same problem , buth only if hold someting on hand… Now ym moving me only whit " hand free "
Biggest problem are during building and repairing :confused:

Someon got a solution?

60 fps whit beutifull setta and good connection

high ping, hosting is shit

Uhh… You realise the more ping you have the worse your connection is…

I’ve had this over the last couple weeks where packet loss for me and others on the server goes sky high for a few seconds, causing this kind of rubberbanding. I don’t know if it’s ddos activity or something on the host but it comes and goes seemingly without reason.

ive had this when airdrop, the whole server lag for 2minutes. My server is completely vanilla. it doesnt happen at every airdrop, but when it happen, i can see in the server console [event] events/cargo_plane, then huge lag for every players. then when the airplane is gone its stop. it has been hapenning for the last 10 days, since 2 updates ago.