Im such an oldschool kid...

Who remembers when kevlar used to be army pants? Those were the days, im such an oldschool kid.

Who else here remembers those days? :

Post here if your an oldschool player of the game! :stuck_out_tongue:

Who remembers when roads didn’t follow the terrain well and often “peeled off” the ground like floating ribbons? If you crouched on the road, you’d fall through onto the dirt. Standing back up would launch you into space from the physics collisions.

Who remembers the Russian That Cat invasion? Who remembers constant threads dedicated to begging for keys? Who remembers when the first VAC wave came down?

Who remembers how idiot kids would buy Gold thinking it was the shortcut to a Rust key? Who remembers the drawing contest thread?

Who remembers when this subforum was hidden?

Hidden forum and 000-000 keys are oldschool.

Wow bro calm down were just having a friendly discussion :o

The fuck the game is like 1 year old (or 2 I’m not quite sure), how can you even be oldschool.
DOS games are oldschool.

Who’s being unfriendly?

I’m talking about oldschool Rust.

Im such an oldschool kid, who here remembers buying their beta key and redeeming it before the steam sale? :rock:

Who here remembers people constantly complaining about lack of updates on the forum? Oh wait.

(from urban dictionary)
This game isn’t even old gen. It’s kind of a recent game. As I said above, oldschool would be “Hey, remember when we did that one lan-party with rise of the triad?” or “Yo man, you remember when pokemon yellow was the shit?” (still a fun game).
This game however is very recent. It’s the same as saying that you’re oldschool because you played Call of Duty Ghost when it came out.

I remember the Dutch auctions, and I remember the ton of stupid flooding the forums before it. 000000 was when the game was young and innocent.

And I remember so many of these. With bonus “just buy gold for your Rust key” bad advice. :v:

And the cats…

Im such an oldschool kid, I remember when this game didn’t exist yet.

Who remembers the Beta keys thread?

I remember the beta keys thread, so oldschool :pwn:

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im such an oldshool kid :suicide:

I remember merely posting anything related to Rust got you a message box full of PMs because talking about Rust meant you somehow had extra keys to give away or something.

I remember people were trying to claim they were with the press in an attempt to get a free key. A majority were “kids” who thought they were clever, then there were a handful who tried to use their parents “press”(they worked for a small local newspaper) credentials.