I'm supposed to put a interesting title about this infection stuff

when really it’s all the same.

picture from a unedited feed from a headcam


I’m sorry I can’t stop staring at that banana in your avatar.

But the colors in your pic look very nice, but theres something off about those shadows that I can’t really point out, just something.

That’s awesome, very atmospheric

“Look, It’s a dinosaur!”
“Carl… That is so unprofessional…”

aye, they’re too strong

A timestamp at the bottom corner of the image would be cool

This picture is brilliant, the way she licks the banana is just…

Oh wait that’s not the main image is it, nice zombie picture and stuff.

the shading is too dark

too prominent I agree

Mmmmm… awesome :q: but Bodelan is right :confused:


Oh yeah there’s a picture here.
I like it actually, but I have NO idea whatsoever what that big gelatinous thing is


Sorry about being off topic, but what is your avatar from? :q: