I'm sure this question has been asked a million times but I'm new and I don't know what to do

How do I get my models to work? I tried putting them in the addons folder and just straight to the garrysmod folder but they wouldn’t show up either way…

Do they have an info.txt file inside the folder?
You should post pictures of how the folders are laid out, i.e Addon Name>Materials/Models/info.txt and such.

most of them have info.txt files, but shouldn’t I just be able to stick them into a folder and have them show up the next time I start the game?

Try looking for a ‘settings’ folder.
If there is none, there probably is no spawnlist created for them. You’ll have to find them in the Browse tab.

I have a settings folder with a spawn list in it, or do you mean a settings folder in each of the model folders?

I mean a settings folder in the addon folder itself.
Look inside the spawnlist folder and inside the spawnlist itself, try looking for that specific spawnlist in the props menu.

Oh…um…I don’t have a settings folder inside the addons folder

Look in the Browse tab inside GMod then.


So you’re putting models and materials folders in to your garrysmod->addons->whateverthemodelfoldernameis, along with an info.txt, and they’re not showing up in your browse menu in game? You can’t just put the models directly in to the addons with the info.txt, they have to be in a folder which is then placed inside the addons.

Is there a certain folder I should put them in, inside of the addons folder?

The “models” and “materials” folders should be in a folder, named whatever you want or whatever the porter named it, along with an “info.txt” file. If the author didn’t include one you can copy the info.txt file from another addon that you know is working and place it in that folder, along with the models and materials. That folder, containing both the models and materials folders and your info.txt should then go in your addons folder. When you fire up garry’s mod and load a map, look under the “browse” tab for that folder, named whatever you named it, and your models should be there.