I'm tempted to buy DayZ Standalone, convince me why I should NOT.

DayZ looks pretty good now (animations and models), has zombies, and the inventory system seems much more intuitive now. Has anyone who’ve actually bought and played it tell me how the game actually plays with other players?

EDIT: Sorry, topic might’ve been a little too inflammatory, haha.

I’m actually going to be playing it tonight, only seen the gameplay and comments from my Clanmates so far but it sounds awesome.

I’ll be switching between Rust and DayZ for a while. :smiley:

You shouldn’t because it is pretty shit. I bought it and regret it already. I played about 20 minutes, then nope’d the fuck out of there.

How about we stop being so ignorant and just enjoy both? Both games are in alpha, and DayZ especially has a nice warning saying that you shouldn’t buy it unless you actually want to help. I normally hate using “alpha” as an excuse but you can’t be so naive as to say you played for 20 minutes and then quit.

How about no? He asked for our opinions, so we give them, even though he is technically not supposed to post this. And to be fair, I played closer to an hour, but I was plagued by long loads and crashed about four times, and only got roughly 20 minutes of play time.

He asked how it played with other players not about how you “nope’d the fuck out of there” Perhaps explaining why you didn’t enjoy it instead of being so vague would help him out a bit more.

Anyways; I own the both and personally I enjoy DayZ a bit more due to the more impressive look and feel. Rust feels a bit cartoon-y. DayZ runs fine for me and I’ve played for a while without crashing, although I have once or twice.

I assure you, I have a rather beefy computer, I can max the game no sweat with a 2-Titan SLI, its just an unstable mess, at least this early in development.

Basically DayZ and rust, to the VERY ABSOLUTE CORE, are the exact same thing.

-Survival against wild
-survival against other players
-bandits are prominent
-so are assholes
-Everyone wants everything
-everyone is hostile
-You’re a sitting duck until you grab a gun
-just because you have the high powered rifle and full armor, doesn’t mean the guy with the pistol can’t take you down.
-Complaining in chat will give you a “QQ, welcome to (insert game here)” based message.

-DayZ has a big ass map with all sorts of landmarks, rust has a fairly large map with mostly open and natural terrain areas
-In DayZ, you camp a room and hope no one “invents” stealthing. In rust, you build a house, sit on the top with a can of cola and wait for an unlucky guy with a gun to cross your sights, that or get shot clean off your new roof.
-In DayZ, you raid by running through buildings seeing if anyone is hold up in it. In rust, you run around looking for a huge tower that doesn’t have stairs going up along it in an attempt to find a base you can blow up and take the contents from.
-In DayZ, you will be shot from a mile away by a trained and veteran player who possesses a high powered rifle, who likely had a spotter. In rust, you will be sniped a quarter mile away by a guy who just bought the game and found a pistol, who has no idea what the fuck he’s doing.
-In DayZ, if you die, you loose your stuff. In rust, if you die, you loose your stuff, and most likely your base if you’re being raided.
-In DayZ, if you’re being raided, they will take your shit and either move into the base or run off. In rust, they will kill you, take your shit, kill you when you respawn, and maybe fuck with your base a little bit.
-In DayZ, if you’re slow at killing an enemy, you die. In rust, they will trap you in their room and treat you like a prisoner, until you give up and suicide, that or they get tired of waiting, get stupid, and try and lure you out. In which case you bolt for it and blast them in the face with a shotgun.
-In DayZ, they will bitch for being killed by zombies. In rust, they will bitch for being killed by wolves.
-In DayZ, if a zombie kills you, it’s normal. In rust, if a zombie kills you, you were AFK.
-In DayZ, if you are in a group, they will kill you if you are a liability. In rust, they can’t because you have access to half of the house.

In conclusion: Rust is better, mostly because of the fact that you’re fighting against real people, not NPCs half the time. The assholes are everywhere in both games, and rust just has a more survival approach to it then a survivalist approach. Really, in the end it’s preference. But I prefer rust because I can craft my M4 instead of having to spend hours looking for one, getting killed multiple times in the process.

Okay full disclosure, I played the mod a little and posted this looking for a reason to buy the standalone. Currently however, I feel it looks like it might be a little too boring.

It seems like in DayZ there is no progression like in Rust though. And no meta goals outside of just searching for loot, avoiding zombies, and killing other players. I mean no immediate goals like in Rust where you’re actively looking for very specific resources.

I want to like it, if someone can explain to me some awesome things about it, I really do want to look for a reason to play it.

dayz is quite literally cod with zombies. The whole point is gearing up and killing people.

Rust is working towards and over arching goal. give players the tools and lets see what happens.

Sure some people will go bandit some people will band together, the greatest test is, will we create towns and rules, law and order?

Could you imagine how amazing with game will be when players actually start making towns and cities working together, all while dealing with the other side of the coin, the bandits and raiders who want to take it all.

I’ve played the Dayz Standalone for about 5 hours. I’m running it on a bootcamped MacBook Pro. It has never crashed and the load times are not all that bad. I have played Rust for close to 74 hours. I enjoy both but they have their flaws. I get bored with Rust very quickly as it is easy to build everything if you have a group. In DayZ I usually play solo. If you have the 30 bucks I would buy it. It is worth it but remember it is a totally different game and plays very differently.

If only… I’m still hopeful but it really depends on the rules/tools that get implemented. As it is, everything is too simplistic that we are currently stuck in the caveman era of evolution. Which is cool in its own right, but needs more tribal stuff, and progress safe zones besides individual houses.

Freedom is good and all, but too much freedom allows too much chaos. There’s a balance that will make for great gameplay whether people believe it or not. Because even as it is, gameplay in Rust is limited by rules and is not as unlimited as people may think (not a criticism, just stating a fact).

I just think we need more tools.

As long as it is prohibitive to share a dwelling and being unable to tell friend from foe, killing on sight is still the best option.

go play Dayz pls… go go go go…

First and Foremost. Because DayZ standalone is a Peice of shit. Secondly the mod wasnt even fun. The most entertaining thing about the DAYZ MOD was Hacking it. OOO and the standalone is already hacked. I would know…I sell those hacks to idiots

O did i mention Rust is like 1000000x better! the game is actually fun!

A good way to make people stick together is to make it not so competitive when spawning in a local area. Plenty of resources around camp, makes it so people will not kill each other pointlessly. And those that do, will be ostracized by the local community. Also the clothing you craft using local materials will distinguish you from players from other “camps” farther away in the map. So when you wander the map and see others in the different clothing (because they spawned in areas different from you using different materials to craft their clothing) you will be friendly or hostile depending on what they look like. Again nothing is stopping you from acting how you want, it’s just that by setting up the beginning in a certain way, players’ behaviors are influenced organically. The rules don’t even have to change, simply the circumstances.

It seems to me you would rather play Dayz, not that it matters but seriously if you want to play Dayz just go freaking play it…why post here and ask our menial abortions of opinions.

IMO in the end I think this will be better.

That does not convince me. Tell me more details, please?

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No I love Rust more at the moment. I get bored easily and always look for new games worth my time and money. Also I just wanted to discuss the differences between both games.

If you’ve played the mod and liked it, and are prepared to be playing an early alpha version which isn’t near complete. Go ahead and buy it. Otherwise, if you are completely new to Dayz then you should wait until it’s released because you will probably just get frustrated and have a bad opinion of it before it’s complete. Rocket himself told people they shouldn’t buy it yet if that says anything. I bought it and enjoy it so far, the new additions are great. Although I used to play the mod a lot so I knew what to expect.

Also, they are very different games. I’ve been playing both, but I’ve gone about as far in both games as you can with the current amount of content. Rust is great because it has the addition of building and crafting, DayZ overall has much better immersion and is a harsher experience.


Please do not listen to this moron.

God, I wish that were the case. The problem isn’t in availability of resources, it’s in the mindset of the players. Prior to the latest patch, resources were so abundant I could build a pretty sizable compound (4 foundations square, 4 stories tall and fully enclosed + metal doors with the beginnings of an outer fence) by myself in about an hour realtime. However, what usually happens is a guy who pulled a shotgun/pistol/mp5 out of a loot chest on his way to wherever, happens across me harvesting a rock next to my unfinished compound and shoots me dead on the spot, no preamble. Then I spawn (naked) and walk out my front door (or in one instance, onto my roof)… and he shoots me dead again with no preamble. The first time, I get angry because it’s an inconvenience. The second time I log out because of the sheer stupidity of shooting a naked, unarmed man and wasting what in a real survival situation would be a near fortune worth of bullets. And when I say waste, I mean he emptied an M4 (which he pulled from my first corpse), then an MP5 (which he also got from my first corpse) worth of ammo at me as I was running away. He already had an inventory full of goodies from having just killed me. Complete rad armor, weapons, bullets, craft goods… but he had to go the extra step and kill me for no gain on the respawn, and that is why everyone will always assume everyone else is aggro, and why the only cooperation will continue to be pre-arranged friends or “clans” that log in and work together from the outset, not the harmonious/spontaneous team building that would be so much more efficient in the long run. There is a significant population of players that can’t get past the “i’m just doing what the game lets me, and the game lets me kill you and blow up your house” mentality from too many FPS shooters like CoD. possibly providing some sort of ally token, like a peace pipe or something, with a resource or crafting bonus for having ally’s in proximity while doing stuff, or for the durability of your houses that increases to a point depending on how many players are sleeping inside of it. that doesn’t break game mechanic, you can still raid and be a douchebag but now players have a real incentive to band together. I do like the idea of different color clothing depending on where you harvested the materials, and that would be pretty simple to code since there are already specifically defined resource areas.