I'm thinking about getting back to GMOD

What should I expect? Will I be able to play without installing a ton of addons?

Last time I played was when that spaceship building mod had its peak of interest back when Gmod was called Gmod 10, I might have stayed around for Gmod 11?

Expect the unexpected, honestly. I feel that there has been an influx of children since ~2009-2010 or just 2011, but I’m thoroughly guessing that it’s because of so many “popular YouTube’ers” having a go at GMod and the fact that their viewer-base consists of mainly children, there’s an influx of them. It’s not that I hate children or anything, but you know how they can be and especially in GMod.


oh and on the addons, installing them is now a ton easier and less time consuming because we have workshop for GMod.

I wish Jackpody had merged him and I together.

But yeah there’s been a heavy overhaul in Gmod 13.

Don’t expect what Gmod used to be. There’s been, for better or for worse a shift in the community

It’s fine… if you don’t mind a massive drop in framerate. And that’s without any addons.

Depends, though. Actually, my framerate increased on some maps (I measured it), and my computer is 5 years old.

It took me a little while to warm up to GMod 13. I quite like it now, although I miss the toybox a bit and also some addons that were never updated and I can’t lua well enough to try to fix myself.

Can’t say about the community. I haven’t been around long enough (I “only” got GMod last July) and I stick to SP anyways. So I won’t say anything.

How is wiremod doing? I remember making some models for them because the mod was so kickass?

Wiremod’s working just as it should, afaik. Just remember to use the SVN so you get the newest version out there. If you still have it installed, I’d consider removing it and reinstalling. My holograms aren’t loading properly due to my Wiremod not being 100% OK, because I just updated from GM12.

Ah Wiremod still use SVN, sweet!

Alright, I just booted up Gmod!

So far:
Damn the menu background are so boring and proper blesh.
Loading screen looks really unprofessional now.
Q menu loads quickly and neatly - I like!
Congratulations to my old pal PHX for getting his models with the mod as a standard!
Super cute menu click sounds! :smiley:
gm_construct is both worse and better, I am not sure why I just dislike it a tiny bit…
Neat! You can change your playermodel in a whim! And choose colour!

I just shot an Error - game crashed.

I recently got back into Gmod too, shadow, so I know how you feel.

The main menu background is always a different screenshot, they are all good though. I haven’t seen one I thought was boring yet.

Above all my favorite thing about new Gmod is how easy and streamlined addons are. Also dupes and saves in the Q menu are kick ass!

Also what gun made you crash

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Note: The feature is kick-ass, what people upload tend not to be.

I just randomly clicked on a save called “Miku Army” I think , and saw an error. I then acted like a mingebag and shot it with the sixshooter

Welcome back to Garry’s Mod! Hope you have a fun return! If you haven’t noticed already, the DarkRP shit is still happening.

Indeed, it was all over my face the second I pressed Multiplayer…