I'm thinking for renting a server, can someone help?

I want to rent a server. Can you guys help? Can someone tell me the best provider/hoster, what do I need, and pc requirements etc?

I would recommend 100% against renting a server right now as there is a massive overpopulation of servers with barely enough concurrent users to fill 10% of them most of the time. That being said, if you wanna waste your money that’s your prerogative. :slight_smile: I had a good experience with FPSPlayers and as I understand after I stopped renting they added even more functionality to their RCON and web portal. I can’t speak for any other company, but they served me adequately for the month I had a server.

Okay thanks for that! I have been reading about this stuff, saying apparently I need really good internet, and a lot of RAM or something like that to rent/host a server, is that true?

No that is false. The servers are run on a remote server through the company you choose. You will have remote access through your web browser to issue commands to the server. The server itself doesn’t run on our PC and you will log on and play just like any other server. The difference being you can give your character admin access through the web portal and are able to use the administration server commands.

Oh okay, thanks a lot mclmrtn! Once I rent a server am I allowed to advertise it on Facepunch?

Yes, but only one post, and in the proper forum, not this general one. If you don’t follow that rule you’ll be banned from posting for 3 days.

Sounds good! & One more question? Do you think it is easy to run a server? Like is it easy to download mods and scripts and stuff?

I ran a vanilla server before mods were available. Personally I think any modifications to server files at this point in active development will cause more problems than they solve. If you want to reduce the chance of a needed wipe or rollback then I would avoid most mods. I dunno, feel them out and see what the community says about them.

It’s pretty easy to run only problem you have is getting people to play and stay. There are so many servers with a few people on which and not too many with loads on not to mention when things like a wipe happens people will just leave and go somewhere else.

I have a server and I am happy to show you all the panel and stuff so you can see what you get for renting. If you want to see let me know skype : gazum123

Thanks gazum, I’ll add you later on!

I wouldn’t recommend renting a server since there is too many servers running atm and active player base is low.