I'm trying to create my own weapon.

I’m trying to create my own Melee weapon. Well, pretty much just reskin the crowbar and make it a new weapon.

  1. How do I find/copy the crowbar to edit it?
  2. How do I change the crowbar’s model when it’s copied?
  3. Am I missing anything?
    If I just copy the crowbar, rename and remodel it, could I use it as my own add-on?

(In full, what i’m trying to ask is. How do I change a prop into a weapon? I want it to be based on the crowbar.)

  1. You can’t copy crowbar, it is not in Lua.
  2. See 1.
  3. All HL2 weapons that come with GMod are not in Lua, including Physgun.

It’s fine I was playing around and somehow the prop took over the crowbar and it’s worked now.