im trying to get a key need help

all my friends wont help me can anyone help me get a key im making a game play video and cant get key if anyone can help me
i would be really grateful thank yoou.

(User was banned for this post ("Crap thread/READ the sticky" - postal))

Gamehead, I suggest u run away before they ban you! D:
For what I know, only way to get key is for you to get Gold membership, at Buy Upgrades (Top Right)
but it’s a CHANCE to get it, as Garry puts keys in their forum.
Have a good one

thanks i think

What I’m saying is that there’s no way to get it unless you go for Gold.
They are banning people who ask in this forum.

o shit i didnt know that thank you ZaBwt, ill get gold if i can

Read the stickied thread before posting please. Thank you.

fuck forums just wait till its done and they sell it on steam im waiting fuck that

It’s not going to be in Steam for atleast 4 or 3 months, due that this is PRE ALPHA ALPHA…

whatever theirs going to be so many good game come out this year anyways so there’s no point wait for a game that still has problems to fix so im waiting :slight_smile:

June/July 2013ers

oh god yes

Kind of hard to do a lets play for a game you’ve never played before

im ignoring the fact nobody will watch it but still