I'm trying to port a playermodel and the only last thing I need to worry about is the textures

For some reason, the only thing that isn’t working so far is the textures. Every time I hop into Garrysmod after thinking I’ve fixed it, it’s always a black and purple checkerboard. I believe I have the file path in the .qc correct, I’ve exported the textures as the required .vtfs, and still nothing seems to work.

What am I doing wrong here?

The game will try to target .vmts, not .vtfs. + Check the file names in your .smd or whatever.

I tried changing the material name in blender (the program I use to export as a .smd) to “milk_carton” and still nothing has changed.

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Oh my god, I’m an idiot. I meant to change it to “body” and it worked, thankyou so much!