I'm unsure of my status and ability.

Hi everyone, i’ve been a community owner for almost a solid year now, and i have been coding in lua since 2010, a year after i started playing Gmod.
My question to all of you amazing coders out there is kind of complex, but i hope you can follow along after a bit of explanation.
Since i’ve been coding for two years, i’ve gotten really good at understanding and duplicating Glua. I’m able to edit anything i want for any purpose i want, provided there is code somewhere out there for me to frankenstein into something else. I’m able to make it work flawlessly and quite nicely with things i’ve needed them for. I’m able to add small tidbits to code myself and edit scripts for a bit of a function buff (such as adding another tab onto a VGUI system for another panel.) I’m also quite good at making solid SWEPs from scratch for singleplayer / multiplayer use. All in all, I understand GLua quite well, but i cant really write it for shit.
I’m completely unable to code something besides a SWEP from scratch. Not an addon, Not a gamemode, not a system to stick in a gamemode, None of that. It’s really confusing. I keep thinking it’s because i have a terrible lazy tendancy, but i’m always working on code for my community. I put alot of attention towards it. I feel like an intermediate coder that is still completely unable to prove that he knows anything.

If you dont beleive me, ask me a LUA question. i can probably answer it just fine.

Now, the actual QUESTION is: What do you think i should do about this? Where do i move up from here? How do i get to the point to where i can release an addon and get 50/60 “lua king” badges for my work?

Hope this isnt a thread worth a trolling shitpost. I’m honestly in the dark here.
Thanks for any information in advance.

I’d say just try and code shit from scratch all the time instead of editing stuff.
It makes you know the nuances of the code and it helps with your skills. You’ll get better eventually. I on the other hand was the other way around. I could never edit shit but I could whip up a system in like 20 minutes.

That’s honestly really weird. If anyone like me sees this post, can you tell me how you got past it?
The whole coding from scratch thing you’re probably right about though. It seems like itd be much easier if i coded the rest of it myself, since i’d know how it works right down to the bottom.

I don’t believe this is laziness. I believe it’s insecurity.
I’ve had a time, a few years ago, when I was doing the same - almost always “frankesteninging” code, but I’ve got over it.
I’ve just started learning C# back then and I was aware of the damage I could do with my projects, so I was really insecure about writing my own code, so I didn’t - most of the time.
The advantage of writing your own code is that you know it, you know what it does and you know what and where could go wrong. Overall, it’s easier to maintain and debug.

I think the best solution to this is to take Lua and “go to a walk in the park” (dunno where I’ve got this from). Experiment. Fail. Retry. Succeed.

I hope this advice helps.

Maybe so… I’ll need to fight off the urge to go grab someone else’s code though.

Oh god that analogy just went horribly wrong.

I still wouldn’t consider myself a good coder or anything but I have progressed from small fixes to trying out my own gamemode from scratch.

I’ve half-made a few gamemodes and abandoned them due to things that I couldn’t figure out but the great thing is that later on I figure out how to do something and I will go back to that gamemode and try it out. It always trial and error when learning this stuff.

Make something that you have in your head, it will break, debug it and figure out why it broke and learn from it.

Seems like a ton of project-jumping. I’ll need to train myself to put down a big issue instead of going crazy and spending three hours finding a fix, im kind of notorious for that.

Start coding from scratch.
You won’t break through your barrier unless you step outside your comfort zone.

Yeah but that is a very bad habit for me, I like to half finish things and come back to them later.

What do you reccomend me to start on first? In what ballpark should i fool around in to get myself going? should i start work on a new entity or a new gamemode?

Take this: http://puu.sh/QA0z
And then try and make something similar with using as little of the original as possible.
That’s the very first gamemode sized project i did, i learned an immeasurable amount about the workings of gamemodes.

The only way to learn is a bunch of practice.
I can’t really recommend much, I’ve come into lua with a lot of other programming knowledge prior to starting, so that really helped.

I think the hardest part for coding starts is grasping the fact that the syntax isn’t really that hard.
The hardest part is gaining the ‘programmer mindset’ in my honest opinion, and I bet others can back that up.

I feel exactly the same, everything I code goes into my community, I’ve never released any addon/gamemode/swep in the 2 years I’ve been scripting Lua. The only thing I can put to my name is the fact I’m one of the updaters of DarkRP, but even then that’s not something I made from scratch. I’ve never had time to work on something for release, and I’ve never really known what. I could never think of something to make that hadn’t been done before.

Most programmers hit this point somewhere down the road. It’s the transition between modifying/adding to actually writing. You just have to dive into it and mess up until you get it right. Try finding a poorly written or broken mod, and then rewrite it completely from scratch without looking at the old code. If you can do that, then it’s not a matter of know-how, but a matter of creativity.

In terms of “status” - this blog post explains it pretty well. You’ll need to loosely translate this to the context of GMod.

If you go by that blog post, it sounds like your caught somewhere in level 5 or 6 and you’re having trouble moving forward.