"I'm willing to wait for you Tali." Commander Shepard comforts Tali. [ME2]

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I’m not sure if that lens flare makes any sense, but whatever, it looks nice.
I really hate the Shepard Model. I demand a newer one!

C&C Preaase?

“I’ll be waiting for you, Tali…”

"…In the test chamber."

Well, this was inevitable.


Post it in the Bioware forum Tali thread

I don’t even think they even know about Garry’s Mod.

too bad i romanced with miranda

what would the child look like

good god.

I like how he’s holding her boobs.

Her hood is made of reinforced steel and has cut through Shepard’s head… the poor guy.

Maybe it’s just me, but they both look drunk with the way they’re standing, especially Shepard. Otherwise, it’s great. Although I have to say, I do like the way you posed Shepard so we don’t see his face. If I recall, the model’s face leaves a lot to be desired.

Camera angle isn’t the best, but it’s good otherwise. And it made me baaaawww.

I like where this is going. :dance:

It’s not clipping, there’s this weird-looking scar that Shepard has in his hair, and I did check that their heads were not touching.

Anybody else feel like the editing is straight from mosse effect?


GJ on the edits caboose btw

mass effct

Very touching. I want to get mass effect 2 sooo baaad.


If you don’t get it go play the first half life.

I can’t believe i never noticed Tali’s hands…

… how cute.

Just FYI, in HL the scientist says it like tesssst chaammmber, not with long eeeee.

And I think everyone here gets it.