Im wishing to get a server

Does anyone know of a way to get a nice server made?

garrys mod doesnt need more servers, it needs less noobs running their own, i suggest go play on a respectable server rather than create another useless empty lobby.

Is it off from you if there are empty servers on the bottom of the list?

  1. Make sure the admins are not dumbasses

  2. The server has the common add-ons, like wire

  3. The server may need to be hosted

  4. A download server would be good if you want the clients to be able to download the files needed to play the server.

  • Get as a host.
  • Put custom addons (not to much)
  • Make sure its FastDL (watch youtube on how to make it FastDL)
  • Make server hostname something cool.
  • Get the easy admin menu (evolve admin mod is the best)
  • Make a website (just so people report rule breakers)
  • Don’t try to make it noob like others.

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