"IMA FIRING MA LAZOR!" Coalition ship blasting a whole through a Union battlecruiser

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  • Tests images for upcoming project of mine
  • Took about 4.5 hours of editing, redoing, etc
  • Always room for improvement
  • I did not make the planet, i used it because mine looked like crap
  • I made everything else, except the ships

Special thanks to Chesty McGee, Haxxar for their tips/advice and coaching
also thanks to those that previewed it throughout the making and gave feedback

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Awesome image, really captured the image of a space battle

I posted in here because evidently I’m a bitch.

He made you didn’t he?


Nice work man.

I love space. I love this.

Yeah, there’s some room for improvement, but you did a way better job than I would have done. Good job! Excited to see this project of yours.

Cool idea but I think the background stands out too much against those models.

Not bad. The lazer kinda looks like it’s bending though.

The spaceships should be darker otherwise it’s great.

Pretty cool, although the ship’s exhausts are a bit dark and the twinkling star thing is a little overdone