ima newb -ish

okay so me and my friend want to play together but we can only do multiplayer me and him when hes using one of my computers. but when hes on his it wont let us. how can i make it just me and him when hes on his computer and im on mine?

Get Hamachi (, (Unmanaged Version)

Setup a network, tell your friend to get hamachi, then tell him to connect to your Network by giving him the Name and Password of it (Goto Network>Join and existing Network to join)

Setup a normal multiplayer server, no changes to sv_lan needed, and tell him to join your hamachi IP, which you should see next to the power button on the main interface. It’ll work just like a regular server then.

If other people want to join, they will also need to do the steps above.

Thank you very much ill try that soon as i can and reply if it worked or not.- again thank you so much.

Or just open the ports on your router.

that too, but using Hamachi makes it private for you and your players. And Port Opening is pretty confusing.

Not if you’re computer literate, just opening your ports makes it private as well, it’s called a password.

Hamachi is the quick way for the dumb or people in a hurry.

yeh im pretty dumb i dont understand that port stuff lol just suggesting it confused me so unless you wana give me a step by step the port way your wasteing your breath…txt…


also how do you “join a hamachi IP” go to consol obviously… then type Join_IP? hamachi IP? or what