iMac 2009

On a side note, the iMac doesn’t actually have a power-plug attached but… we’ll just keep that in between me and you for now (or until I fix that).

New iMac soul sucker.

Runs off your livelyhood!

Sweet! A new prop for target practice!

Wait, won’t this crash Garrysmod?

I always thought it was a touch screen, until that fateful day…

It did for me. Blue screen too.

And the tears of small children.

This will be great on PCMod.
Im thinking of something new… MacMod.

10 things you can do in GMod with this model:

  1. Nuke a bunch of them
  2. Shotgun it
  3. Bash it with the Crowbar
  4. Spawn an elephant ragdoll, have him sit on it/step on it
  5. Spawn a t-rex ragdoll and have him eat it
  6. Attach a balloon to it and watch it drift away
  7. Rope it to an object very far away
  8. Crush it with a PC model
  9. Drop it from the high point in gm_bigcity
  10. Attach several high powered thrusters to it and have fun

story idea:
Guy tweets:
“I just bought an iMac laptop. I hope it was worth the $1,500.”
Plays Team Fortress 2
Kills 5 people and gets 2 dominations
His computer freezes during game making that annoying as hell sound
The guy goes into a rage and heads to Apple Inc.
He comes in with an M4 and yells “Fuck you Apple!”
Shoots them all
the end

Lol @Mac hatred

This screen should be fitted for use with wire render screens like EGP, GPU and such.

Ooh, Lol…
I can imagine Mac vs Pc videos now…
Infac’, I’m gonna make one. :3

Well, I WOULD of, but I cant find it anywhere.
Downloaded, everythin’ done nice an’ proper.
But I can’t even find it in ‘Browse’.

plz post a un-related gmod site link its soo nooby


You’re either a pirate, an idiot, or both.

Well, considering he doesn’t have Garry’s mod legally according to his steam profile, I’d say both.

Really people? Pirating a game that’s $9.99? Really?

On the bright side, sweet! Target practice! I have always wanted to shoot a Mac…