iMac Help / Will It Run? :(

Hey, not long had a mac, seen rust, loved what it looks like, want to get it = Clueless about Macs, as i bought it for work not games, however if it would run on my mac that’d be awesome, iMac stats attached, tried to read the requirements on steam, doesn’t really help.

I’m sure i’ve seen a will it run thread, cant see it anywhere, sorry to post this if there is one.


Short answer: no. Long answer: not well.

Iris Pro is decent, but Rust struggles on high end graphics cards, let alone integrated products. I’d imagine you could play it on low, but that may be it.

Now, to ward off the idiots that will make fun of you for buying a Mac, you’ve got a computer that will work great for general work, as well as photo and video editing, since the screen is calibrated properly. They just aren’t gaming PCs.

Thanks for the reply woolio1 - and yeah, there’s always the idiots that will say about Macs, i sold my gaming pc as i never gamed much no more, but Rust just looks awesome had to ask. Thanks again