Image credit

I was browsing through the honorable mentions for Garry’s background image contest, and I found several cool ones that I’d like to use myself. I want to ask the artists for permission to use their shots, but after scanning the entire contest submissions thread I still don’t know who made this one:

Could somebody point me in the right direction please?


I like this, alot more than the one we have now.

the current one sucks balls

Yee, I hate having to look at a man’s ass each time I open Gmod.


And its too emo for Gmod.

i would agree the physgun looks really wierd in the backround

word my nizzle brizzle down wit tha hizzle

I thought mine was going to win :saddowns:

“Maybe this can fit up my ass…”


I like the pic in the OP, the gnome looks cute

I dont if I should rate you funny or optimistic lol my ratings dont work anyway…

whats wrong with his shoulder
and does the phys gun emit that much light?

I changed my background, current one was too… eugh, not something I would want to see everytime I start up G-Mod.