Image for interface that isn't a square

I know this is possible and this might involve some lua, but how would I go about adding a non-square image into lua that has some transparent parts since its not a square, I tried to erase some parts in mspaint but when you erase something it just goes white…

I heard you can make parts of an image transparent with lua but im more interested in just fixing this in paint or what not

Transparency isn’t a problem with the source engine, it’s just paint that can’t do transparency.

You’ll need a better image editor, I suggest Gimp. It’s much more then what you need.

thank you so much,

So If i add lets say a circle, it would show up as a square image with a circle and a white background, but just a plain ole circle

i use, so here is how you would do it there:

new file, new layer, delete the default layer, draw cercle, save, convert to vtf, show it off

Ok so i saved as a gif since it allows transparency, but once you convert to vmf or vtf it brings back the white square around.

Download VTFEdit here

umm… yea thanks buddy but I already have this, it doesn’t apparently take the transparency very well since it converts a transparent space back into white…

What program are you using?

I suggest you use GIMP or Paint.NET and save as PNG or TGA.