Image from switch weapon on top

Can I get an icon of weapon(at least from hl2) from switch menu by some lua script? I’m already tryed to get some options of weapons(like damage, fire rate, shooting mode etc), but I got it only from custom guns.
And one more little question: Can I check player for climbing?

You can’t get the fire rate and stuff like that from HL2 guns because they’re made in C++ not Lua, as they’re a part of HL2 (duh?)

I know (guessed, when found in table with settings of weapons only new guns), but maybe I can manually set image of weapon from some directory of this image and use later?(I saw how was used killicons by same way in one hud)

I think the image for the weapon is actually a character of a font - possibly HL2MPTypeDeath based on this page

Wow, lol. Well, you was right about font - its a font, but not this. HL2MPTypeDeath is for killicons. I found in garrysmod/resource HALFLIFE2.ttf, and in this font all weapon icons(and ammo too).
Now I have new little problem. I think, this font already in gm fonts, but don’t know how call it (list on gmod wiki haven’t it, name from file is incorrect.(HL2MPTD in this directory and have other name too(just HL2MP))) I’m already created custom font from this file, but its… little wrong?