Image I made for Rust, let me know what you think

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Hey guys, i was just bored and decided to make an image for Rust. Tell me what you think, all comments are appreciated.

Edit: Thank you for all your feed back, here is the new version feel free to tell me what you would like to see change next about it.

Its good man, I’d just recommend putting little diamond things between the Craft, Build, Gather Survive bit. Just to make it look a bit better?

I must admit I like the Facepunch studios part at the bottom. But nevertheless well done overall.

Kinda cluttered. You should remove all that useless stuff at the bottom and the top. Just keep the text that says “OZNURUS” across the entire image.

And Oznurus whilst your at it ignore Tetsmega’s comment.


Hope you don’t mind but I removed that annoying trademark

I also took some artistic liberties and ~enhanched~ it

(Really, why would you trademark your pictures, just showing how easy it easy to remove)

you also removed the shadows there


looks shit, more like something medieval (like TomTheTechy says) than a post apocalyptic survival game.

Add some more post apocalyptic feeling,this is just too blank.

I did my own twist on it. I used pictures from the Fan Art thread:

It looks crap, current one best one

It’s beautiful…

Woo, my one is featured!

I feel so honored.

I’m on it :rolleyes:

It’s not bad at all but I would find that it’s lacking a zombie theme. If I saw this with no prior knowledge of the game I could infer that the game is in a post-apocalyptic setting but I couldn’t really see what the protagonist is. One last touch would be to change “It’s up to you to build the world” to “It’s up to you to re-build the world” implying that something had destroyed it in the first place. Good luck :slight_smile:

Rust really needs definitely some person to help with the 2D graphics. Maybe garry will give us a chance to make some sweet art for the game.

Garry said that zombies will be replaced, so its not about zombies. sorry =/

Oh god let’s not start the Deviantart attitude of “lol ignore the constructive criticism” circlejerking.

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Quick tip - If you’re going to use a bevel, at least use it so it matches the rust.

Looks like something a 10 year old would do. The images are horrible.