Image in Scoreboard Help! | Possibly Simple?

I need this image put into a scoreboard for my server:


I have created the .VTF file for the material folder, but when I go to but it into a derma menu it doesn’t open the image… it just has this:


Here is the code inside of the .vmt that it “suppose” to be using:

	"$basetexture" "netbreaking/drintro"


Both the “drintro.vmt” and the “drintro.vtf” are located in “materials/netbreaking” which should work but its not…

The code i’m using to open the image in a derma menu:

local DermaPanel = vgui.Create( "DFrame" )
DermaPanel:SetPos( 250,250 )
DermaPanel:SetSize( 1024, 512 )
DermaPanel:SetTitle( "Netbreaking Logo Test" )
DermaPanel:ShowCloseButton( true )
DermaPanel:SetVisible( true )

DermaImage = vgui.Create( "DImageButton", DermaPanel )
DermaImage:SetPos( 25, 50 )
DermaImage:SetImage( "netbreaking/drintro.vtf" ) -- Set your .vtf image


If ANYONE could get this working for me that would be AMAZING! I have been struggling with this for the longest time and it is what is lacking on my server :confused:
Non-Fancy Menu’s and Hud’s just look bad so I would really appreciate anyone that could help me out here!

	"$basetexture" "netbreaking/drintro"
        $vertexcolor 1
        $vertexalpha 1

I use those for my own images, also you should note that gmod restart is required to update the materials.

Take the .vtf out of setimage.

Also you know you can just use a png. Keep the .png extension if you did that.

Neither of these worked I still get the same checkerboard box…

Im starting to think its the vtf material that isn’t formatted right or something… because I can pull other images from the same directory that work JUST fine :confused:

you probably want to use ScrW() and ScrH() for sizing the actual scoreboard, so that it works on all resolutions.

I tried parenting the code to one of my derma frames:

DermaImage = vgui.Create( “DImageButton”, csv )
DermaImage:SetPos( 25, 50 )
DermaImage:SetImage( “matsys_regressiontest/background” )

looks like you want to remove the .vtf suffix