Image Size

Dear Readers,

Ive been making a HUD and i want to insert my self made HUD (made with photoshop) in it.
Im using this code and it’s all working fine.

 	local breen_img = vgui.Create( "DImage", Frame )
breen_img:SetPos( 800, 600 )	 
breen_img:SetSize( 500, 500	 )	
breen_img:SetImage( "" )

The only problem is that or the picture is to small or to big. What is the size that i need to use in photoshop? (example: 1920x1080)
So it looks nice and HD.

Thank you :slight_smile:

The size you plan on using for the HUD.

Separate the HUD into different images so you can place and scale them based on the user’s resolution – using a single image would require you to create a lot of different versions.

Okay, i will try that