Images and file links broken.

Hey, is it just me or are all the images and download links for files on broken? It looks like anything on won’t load.

Same here


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It’s a problem with Google Chrome. Look at all of our browsers.

You’re all using chrome :v:

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It’s your browser

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Same here

Didn’t work in IE, and now I feel really dirty…

So we’ve confirmed it works in no browsers besides Firefox. Can someone try it out?

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Actually, disregard that. It’s back up

I have a Firefox, and this problem

Yeah, not up on any of my browsers at the moment.

Something wrong or a broken

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Good thought i was the only one, maybe they are just working on the servers. Team garry fixes stuff fast.

and it’s broken again.


yep, shit’s broke as fuck for me.

yeah, where just gonna have to wait, i was so looking forward to downloading shotgunguys republic commando mod to :frowning:

I was talking to a friend of mine and apparently it was working for him? He was using IE though it seems that that’s irrelevant.

I was having the same problem in mozilla along with login threw steam link not loading any webpage, It works now but login still doesn’t work.