Images on a Map


In the map ttt_complex there is a wall of faces in a hallway. I was wondering how to do something similar to that?


Custom textures is what you’re looking for.

It’s actually really easy.

First, you’ll need this:

I’ll assume you’re mapping for Episode 2, so you’d want to locate your Half-life 2 Episode 2 folder, and inside that folder is a folder called “materials”.

Simply create a new folder and name that folder whatever you want, like your name for instance.

After that, open VTFedit and import the image you want in your map. Go to File > Save As and save it into your newly made folder inside your materials folder. Make sure you save it as .vtf!

After you’ve saved your new .vtf file, go to Tools at the top and click “Create VMT file”. Where is says “Base Texture 1”, click the browse button next to that and select your newly created .vtf file.

All you have to do now is click “Create”.

Restart Hammer, open the Texture Browser, and type either your folder’s name or the name of the texture and it should show up.

Thank you very much, youre a champion!

Yeah I know.


Also, if you’re planning on publicly releasing this map, don’t forget to pack the textures into the .BSP with Pakrat or something similar. Otherwise people who download the map will have the error texture in place of your custom images.