Imaginary 3rd Person Adventure: Biscuit gets himself shot.

So basically I imagined a game scenario with a 4 man squad against a crap ton of other weaker players, and tried to raise the bar for my 3rd person stuff. Here’s the result. I tried to leave in sloppy death ragdolls, weird camera positions, and crappy lighting, as it seemed more like a real game (and it was hard enough work as it is). The dialog is the best context, otherwise it’s probably a little confusing. Also, this literally took me 8+ hours so don’t be too mean.

And these screenshots are a good ten or twenty seconds after the first few in the timeline.

And then some quick beauty shots I took along the way.

I like reading the little chat.

That’s what it’s there for haha, it’s way more boring without it.

It feels like Army of Two.

Now that I think about it, they’re similar in a lot of ways.

Third-person and dragging teammates.

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It lacks aggro meter.

I like it, nice work.

Well done

I actually took the dragging idea from BF3 but I do remember that now. Also, I think you may have given me an idea for my next screenshots haha.

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This forum has a models/releases section, I’m sure you can find it.

They’re cool, but i think the big picture of the weapon being held and the magazines are kind of a waste of space. the ammo count for the bullets in the current magazine is good, but the other two are just wasting space. HUDs are meant to take up minimal amounts of space whilst still being easily readable.

You’re totally right. My first idea was to have the magazines very small, but I think I was just too drained to decide to fix it once I started. Some of the icons were too detailed to downsize properly so i just left them. If I ever do more of these, I’ll try to fix the hud and make it more ergonomic.

I noticed something that’s kinda been bothering me. The shoulder posing in most of the pictures is off. In the pictures that show the guys holding rifles, their arms (specifically, the biceps) are too low for a normal human. I KNOW, they’re Spartans, but YOU try holding a rifle with your arm that low! Otherwise, it TOTALLY feels like a third person mod for Halo Reach. Keep up the good work!

Just remembered, there IS a specific bone you can grab to affect the shoulders. Start at the top of the arm (where the Kevlar looking material starts) and SLOWLY drag the ACTIVE physgun DOWN AND TOWARDS THE LOWER CHEST PLATE. I put that in caps because it’s important. Good luck, hope this helps!

Love how the red team cant spell or talk like normal people…reminds me of COD except on COD everyone cant speak with the word fuck or cunt etc.

That is totally 100% how I hold a rifle, maybe a little higher but not too much. Not to mention their arms are weird, the shoulder socket makes their arms super long or something weird. If you’re talking about just the small part of the shoulder, I totally agree and it was actually bugging me a little bit too, I figured that was just the models though. I’ll try it next time.

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New game mode: COD Fanboys vs. Civilized Human.

I would make a picture explaining what I mean, but L4D2 has a freaking 983.6mb update, soo I’ll get back to you in a couple of HOURS >.<

sigh yeah, I’ve calmed down, but steam is acting up. I’ll get the picture of what I mean up a soon as humanly possible.

The shoulders, it’s the shoulderss right? Where they connect to the bicep? I bet I’m thinking what you’re thinking.

OKAY, I can FINALLY show what I meant!

I know that in the second set of pictures there is little difference between the shoulder position, but it just looks** better, ya know? Hope this helps.
And yes, sorry for getting lazy & leaving the physgun in the shots, it was three in the morning…

That’s what I figured you meant, thanks a bunch. I did notice it in my shots, I just figured that was the way the model was. And I’m literally not even a little concerned that the physgun is in the shot.