Imanoob's Hexed Weapons

Ok,this is my first submission so no need to be harsh and stingy,this skins were taken from FPSBANANA so full credit to them and the creators of the models,i did not make this models,i only hexed them for comic use.



M1A1 Thompson
M249 SAW
M60 Bipod folded
M60 Bipod unfolded


Is it ok with the creators that you hexed them? Some people don’t like other people to do any thing with their props/ragdolls/other stuff.

Well,Larry did hexed a hell lots of models from fpsbanana,i doubt he will ask the creators but i also think the creators is cool with it since we are not using it for profit or anything to do with money

and the view models…?

These are not sweps,so view models are useless

You could have hexed the v_models so we could make sweps at least.

Each of these models has been hexed like 20 times, and they are in larry’s pack. This pack makes no sense whatsoever.