IMC Spectre player model

So I have followed this tutorial found on a thread on creating a player model using it into gmod. I am using an IMC Spectre model from the “TitanFall: Ports and hacks WIP thread” for my player model. I have already rigged it using a male skeleton from gmod and have gotten it into game. However, the textures will not load for it and it has me stumped as I complied and converted everything I needed.


So I used the model viewer and found out that there is an error in the “VMTs loaded” tab stating “*** ERROR *** model attempted to load one or more VMTs it can’t find”.

qc code: (just the top few lines)

$modelname “player/robot/spectre.mdl”
$model “Spectre” “Spectre.smd”
$cdmaterials “models/”

vmt code for one of my textures:

“$basetexture” “models/spectre_assault_loadout_col”

Not sure why I keep getting the purple and black texture on the character though.

Post your entire QC using

 tags, no one can really help you if you don't give all the necessary information.

But what I can say this: is the VMT for the textures located in the actual materials/models folder?

I used the MDL texture info program and apparently the textures are named "01_-Default.vmt, 02-Default.vmt, and 03-_Default.vmt. I changed the names of the old textures i’m using at the moment and textures are showing up now. I never tampered with the original textures so I just used the names they were already given…I guess they were wrong. I finally got it working though.

I actually already did this model as a playermodel.

It kinda sucks, but ohwell

oh lol In mine, the fingers are all jacked up even though they were rigged correctly but you can’t tell unless you were up close.