Imitation of the Portal 2 wakeup room seen in the "First 10 Minutes"


I posted this in Videos And Flash Movies and That Kind Of Crap, but apparently it was not supposed to be there. Good to know.

Progress pictures:

That is one sexy room.

cool, now try to replicate the part where the room moves around and gets destroyed :slight_smile:

the wall texture is way to dirty in the lighted version. less plants to. When I played Portal 2, the room looked different, which was about a month ago so… I don’t know if they have changed it that much.

There are two plants in there, one big floor plant and one tiny ceiling plant. Downside is that the only ceiling plant I can find appears to be… well, that one.

Can’t do that.

You just don’t want to :v:

I want to, but Source doesn’t allow me to do it with it’s non-dynamic shading and props-hurt-you-when-flying-around :crying:

Basically, I can make it move around, but I can’t make it break. Mostly due to the fact that if I do a func_physbox, one can clearly see the seams between each breakable piece, which looks horrible. Tis due to the current version of source lack of DMM. I can make fake DMM, but yeah. Shadows.

Once you want a moving piece to break, remove it via inputs then replace with a model which is using animated physics?

Well that requires knowledge on animating and modelling :v:
Which I lack.

Fair dues then, would look good if you knew how to model and such :v:

Holy crap that looks awsome! Where did you get the models? Or is it brushwork?

Left 4 dead

Bed and the plants are L4D, TV, fridge, and non-plant pot are HL2.

Everything else is brushes.