Immaculate Pledge

I know I’m churning out a bunch of these Soul Calibur pictures, but I’m having way too much fun making them.

somewhat boring. you sure this was thread worthy?

I’m glad to see that you have standards.

For now, I must agree with Joazzz.

She looks more like she’s about to orgasm than pledging.

When I saw the word pledge I just thought of lemon pledge, she’s obviously praying to the gods for more.

when life gives you lemons, pledge for more

Agreeing with Joazzz, a few more like this and it’d be thread worthy.
Though I really like the wings.

A true spiritual experience is supposed to feel a lot like an orgasm. Just look at the “Ecstasy of Saint Therese”.

She even described the experience depicted, she literally describes it as almost erotic:

Well, at least the person who made those sculptures seemed to have some sense of anatomy.