Immediate base design changes that would make us all happy. On the Art Trello alrdy. PUT THEM IN ALREADY.

please add half-ceilings, staircases, trapdoors, and false floors(false ceilings?) immediately. The rest can be thought about/talked over, but those four require SO LITTLE CODE TO IMPLEMENT (comparatively).

Also: your new storage box has a lid… so skip the animating and just show it opened when somebody is in it, and add the opening animations later on once you redo player models. That way I can tell which box people are in without getting right up on the box.

THIS WOULD DRASTICALLY IMPROVE THE FEEL OF THE GAME and give you postive update feedback, cause we know everybody has been whining about the previous updates. :slight_smile:

(great job on the sky and framerate improvements!)

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Seriously, false ceilings… make it look like a ceiling but remove the physics box for it… we can deal with adding animations later, just add the content now!

It’s a LOT easier said than done.
I don’t think that implementing those things is as easy as you say.
Not only do they need to code it in but they also need to get the look right and make sure that
the mechanics work properly.

Pretty sure those images were fan made. They using them for ideas

I don’t know that much about game development at all so I’m kinda spit-balling here…

I could see an issue with adding things that haven’t been fully finished yet. For example, say they add the new storage without finishing the animation first… then later they add the animation after everyone has started using them. I could see that potentially causing issues, changing an object that is already in place on the map could lead to lost items and a whole lot of bitchy posts about it on the forum (lol).

Things take time, you should be happy that they’re even sharing some of the new art concepts with us. Be patient, we all have to wait for new updates.

Yup. This has come up a few times lately.

They’re mock-ups of what some elements could look like if they choose to implement them. Follow the link in the Trello to see more of what this guy has been making.

I am betting the hardest to get working would be the ladder.

  • Is it movable or placeable anywhere? or does it have to go on an existing structure?
  • Will it always be at the same angle?
  • Needs code and animation to handle climbing up and down
  • destructible?
  • needs a crafting formula.
  • is a metal variant possible?
  • how much health?
  • hitbox (can you shoot through it?)

The other elements look like they could be handled like the existing pieces.

-edit (tossing stuff out of my head)

For placement, it could work the same way as the other things, except that instead of rotating left or right, it rotates fore and aft to adjust it’s tilt.
Possibly snapping into place for things like half floors or high windows :wink:

Crafting 2 ladders would make a single, longer ladder.

low quality: wood + leather (branches lashed together)
med quality: planks + low q metal (planks nailed or screwed together)
high quality: metal (proper metal frame riveted together)

A blueprint would be nice, but not really needed as a person could let a friend use a research kit on one of their ladders. (could lead to some fun trust wars though.)

If the ladder is placed in the open, with nothing around it, it just falls uselessly to the ground.

Placeable against rocks and trees? (for gathering wayward air drops)

Able to be removed from above. (building accessibility)

I graduated from Derby Uni with a degree in games programming and I can throw some light in on this. Adding things to games is not too hard. If a storage box had no animation for opening the lid then that would be no problem providing that the space required for the storage box was large enough to fit the animation for when it is added in. Problems come when you try to resize things (make them bigger mainly) as they will then be overlapping other objects that once were side by side. Making things smaller isn’t an issue providing that they are not containers like a base foundation for example. This is all basing on the idea that updates do not require server wipes.

But yeah, it is an extra thing to think about if the devs are not wanting to force a wipe on the official servers (community servers seem to do it after every update).

The images look amazing though, hope they do stuff like that, although the hand made rocket launcher seems a bit too much…

EDIT: You can place fires and small stashes on storage boxes at the moment, that would cause issues with a top lid animation, so the’d need to consider that, maybe an update removes all these items and the dev team pre warn us about it?

They are fan made.


He has added a lot more cool ideas. Garry should hire him to do the art