Immersion suggestions!

Got a few ideas while waiting for a spot in the server I’ve got friends on.

  1. Add a queue to server
    -So you can get a spot without having to double-click every 5 seconds.
    updated - commentary - I knew this was planned, just sayin’ ^^

  2. Add real star systems at night for navigation.
    -Most specifically the north star, big dipper, and little dipper.
    -Galaxy center would be beautiful at night, considering how dark it gets!
    -Navigate like the olden days, yeah!

  3. Moon doesn’t illuminate?
    -I’ll start this off by stating, I’m a HUGE fan of pitch black nights!
    -Although the moon should illuminate at least a little bit to A LOT (depending on its cycle), it would make more sense.
    -Overcast nights therefor would make logical sense to be pitch black.
    -I’ve lived in Alaska before, in a tiny city (close to no city lights, like in game), and I’ve got to say… the moon makes the night manageable, without a flashlight or anything (gotta watch for moose though, those suckers are EBIL)
    updated - commentary- More dynamic raiding/defense situations with different moon cycles/light provided
    updated - commentary-I grinded for awhile and noticed that the moon does cast some luminosity, though I haven’t yet looked for the moon during pitch black hours.

  4. Compass
    -Yeah, pretty self explanatory (yes I use landmarks, but sometimes I can’t see that huge mountain ^^)
    -Make this hard to acquire hopefully!
    -Requires the mining of naturally occurring magnetic materials such as: magnetite, hematite, or maghemite
    -Then one can use that to magnetize a piece of metal that is sensitive to magnetism (no need to re-get magnetic material, that wouldn’t make sense!)
    -Only mine-able at a depth (look at suggestion #10, cave system)
    -Depth reason: Maghemite was named in 1927 for an occurrence at an Iron Mountain mine, northwest of Redding, Shasta County, California.

  5. Craftable draw-bridge, ladders (rope, etc.).
    -Like the olden days again, yeah! People can some real siege time in!
    -ladders could possibly be knocked down easily, and/or retrievable
    updated - draw-bridge has an activatable lever for quick dropping, takes some time to raise

  6. Craftable traps
    -base defense: hot tar, boiling metal, activatable falling rocks (with special window for doing so), mudpits, spike pits, oil laden grass
    -activated via trap laying player or trip wire: net traps , noose traps, bow trap, spear trap

  7. More housing options
    -archer slots, secret doors/trap doors, portcullis (metal gate basically, with an activatable mechanism for lowering QUICK!)
    -tree forts, wood walls with walkway, watchtowers (prefabbed w/ladder BUT if there’s ladders/trapdoors nvmd lol)
    updated -rope walkways

  8. Real wild
    -Berry picking, mushroom picking, etc.
    -Trapping/snaring animals, etc.

  9. Animals
    -Cougars, lynx, horses, birds, bigfoot (just don’t steal his jerky!) -> (most are probably planned, just sayin’)
    -Zoo escaped animals creating a pack: lions, tigers, and bears oh my!
    -Bears + wolves have dens w/possibly meat (some rotten)
    -Real animal AI: wolves hunting boars/deer, wolf packs have territory (wolf packs can attack each other, reasons expanded: enlarge their territory therefor expand the size of their packs and berth of AI pathfinding algorithm (set zones), hence making them more of a risk to more and more players)
    updated - commentary -updated dens to bear/wolf, also added reasons explained to Real animal AI

  10. Cave systems
    -good resource for fresh water, dwelling place for mobs, but better mining possibilities, need a party to successfully conquer for lowest risk of death.
    updated - possibly place to find pickaxes that are from previous miners, hard hat w/flashlight, flashlight attachment, etc.

  11. Zeds replacement (I saw on trello they’re being removed)
    -Possibly creatures like in the movies I Am Legend/Pitch Black (not flying though -.-)
    -Only come out at night basically, meant to make you scared, natural defense barrier (Last of Us any1 ^^)
    -They dwell in caverns, on the ceiling of certain buildings already implemented (don’t leave your door open at night, u might get a surprise!)
    -Dwell anyplace where sunlight can’t get in at any angle during the day basically
    -Can be attracted via extracted pheromones from killed mutants
    updated-Extraction of pheromones would need to be done via a tool like “blood drawing kit”, NOT DROPS
    updated-Few example uses of pheromones: Place these near your enemies base to attract hordes of mutants, or even from each cave entrance to their base to attract even more!! Put pheromones around your base if you know bandits are going to raid you at night!
    updated - commentary-changed to extracting pheromones from all genders of mutants, due to possible coding annoyance… and misinterpretation of natures natural ways.

  12. Emoticons
    -Wave, greet, white flag, stop hand motion, give up (player is searchable)
    -will help the players without mics a lot, aforementioned emotes are most important I think for survival gameplay.

Updated, new idea!
13. Farming/Harvesting
-You all know what this is: plant a seed, water it, watch it grow, harvest your hard work.
-Possibly make a valuable trade option if there is plants to reduce lots of rads, thirst if that’s implemented, plenty of hunger reduction, (suggestions please ^^), etc.
-Type of “rent” from the newb bases for protection money from stronger bases/clans/groups
-if the plant’s ingredient is useful - i.e. making biodiesel, stinging nettles to make attackers YELP! (HURTS), thorny bushes (areas u can’t put spikes), Aloe vera, etc.
-Though this would have to be implemented with a larger map considering Alpha’s substantial difficulties with house crowding and finishing getting the kinks out
-New item, seeds for each type of unique plant with their unique attributes and benefits
commentary-Might already be planned, makes sense if so
commentary-Credit goes to BuDo and Spasmastik for their brainstorming
commentary - updated-Forgot my addition to the idea, it’s below
-*So u know when u cook your chicken and its just a unsalted, unpeppered, unseasoned and just plain normal tasting chicken? *
-Why not add spices/herbs for different benefits, like rad reduction, more hunger gain, more health gain, make uber food!

Updated, new idea!
14. AI Bandits!
commentary-Kudos to Spry_Havoc for the initial idea!
-I’m sure this isn’t a new idea but I have a few angles on it that might be new.
commentary-Here’s my angle on this idea, below
-Bandit’s wander around their set territory, with set alignments to each zone of the map they occupy; i.e. AI Bandit factions.
-AI Bandit faction wars, where each side wanders their territory gathering, invisible to player, resources. If said faction doesn’t get raided and gather the supplies they need, they will raid other faction bases to expand their influence (leading to more of these specific bandits spawning, i.e. different factions have different equips/weapons they use/base setup/random variables per faction)

Updated, new idea!
15. AI Cannibals! Players too!
commentary-Kudos to Spry_Havoc for the initial idea!
-Cannibals that roam around the map to eat nakeds! hehe
-Option in-game to be a cannibal too! Has some effect on the player, example: normal meat doesn’t give as much hunger/health
-Wander from base to base that they’ve setup to deposit their loot/escape mutants/run to get help when they’ve been decimated
-Different factions again, of AI cannibals. Same thing as banditos

Updated, new idea!
16. Modular Weapon System
Link to original idea, via Matlas
-General idea is to have craftable parts per the type of weapon, i.e. shotgun, SMG, assault rifle, pistol, and any other weapon they decide to implement.
-These craftable parts combine into a *unique *arsenal, that is *different *for every player; creating their perfect weapon to suit their unique play style!
-These weapons can range from anything to altered fire rates, longer/shorter range, durability of weapon (refer to Trello update page), magazine size, concealability, to utility.

Updated, new idea!
17. Modular Weapon Mods
Link to original idea, via Matlas
-Idea here is to have mods for your weapon that can be made from your surroundings, to use every bit of materials you find to your advantage!
-Such as: homemade suppressors (can suppressor, like on The Walking Dead), homemade scope out of a soda bottle, bayonette out of any knife (lower durability if attached with just duct tape), etc.

I enjoy immersion if you couldn’t tell, and that’s what this game is really good at!
So why not improve upon that, perfect the element that is drawing players back in again and again; despite the constant loss of progress :).

I will add immersion ideas you have with my suggestions, included add to suggestion if you want me to, please specify in your idea post; details, and has to be plausible in a realistic world type!
I will give u credit!

Will add more when I can.

I like constructive criticism, and I’m happy to critique these suggestions; please give the reason why.

These are actually some VERY interesting ideas regarding immersion, I absolutely love it, especially star system, I never woulda thought of that!

Why thank u good sir! I will add more when I get the ideas :).

Though I have to admit, I'm holding back because I want to make a game semi-similar to this.

Although its going to have my unique mechanics that I would rather not reveal :P.

Fricken brilliant job so far with unity devs!!!

Some pretty solid ideas here. Only one I don’t like is wolf packs attacking each other. Seems like a waste of code. Nice effort though

Some good ideas, off topic now, but no other threads I make get answered. Is there some support people I can contact because I cant load servers, it gets to the Waiting For Server and stays there for hours. Bought the game yesterday, and I didn’t think I was paying $20 for a fancy logo on my desktop. I realize it’s Alpha but come on.

“Can be attracted via extracted pheromones from killed female types”

Where on earth are you going with this? Sounds pretty misogynistic to me.

Its in nature, that’s where I got it from.
Trying to stick to things that make real sense, females have the strongest pheromones in nature (mothers particularly).

It’s all logical* friend :).

So are you saying that female zombies should drop pheromones? LOL, ok that is weird.

Disco would avoid from killing Female zombies if this was implemented.

No not necessarily, that you have2 use something similar to the blood drawing kit to do it.
Also I’m sure it’s possible to draw pheromones from males too, just in natures those aren’t as strong as females; therefor they wouldn’t be ingame.
-By “as strong” I mean that they would have a smaller attraction radius.
-Though I know how much of a pain it is to code all this, so personally I would just make all pheromones attract the same to all types xD

No disrespect to the idea, but currently the game itself needs to be polished off. I more interested in something like a Clan option or party option to where if you live in a community of players in the game and have a community house, it’d be pretty cool if there could just be one door that can be built so all players of the community or clan or party or whatever, can access the house, instead of just the one player.

I completely agree, my hopes are just for the devs to consider each of these ideas and how they can uniquely apply them to their vision; and hopefully get some insight from my ideas.

Though in response to your comment, I have some good news! They are doing lock combination doors soon, so your prayers will soon be answered :).

Check this out for combo stuff meng + voting site for content.

if you think pheromones are misogynistic, then i recommend never learning anything about animals in nature and how they behave. you would throw a fucking shitfit


A more realistic night sky would go a long way in increasing the immersion for me.

Also, a dymaic weather system would be awesome. Rain, lightning, thunder, fog, hail, snow, falling leaves in autumn, etc. etc.

just thought about it
I believe this was planned :slight_smile:

great ideas,things that can be implemented.

great ideas but I still think that deadly chickens would be the best replacement for zombies

Dynamic weather is coming, it was confirmed by a dev when I suggested it.

legit :slight_smile: thx for the heads up!