Immersive First-Person Perspective script

Ever wanted a script that would enable full body awareness and immerse you in Garry’s Mod? This is exactly what you’re looking for!
Scripts like these have been done numerous times, but I still wanted to give a shot at it myself.


  • completely client-side, which means that you can play with it on any server that doesn’t have script enforcer turned on**
  • enables full body awareness
  • has multiple anti-clipping measures
  • is toggle-able with a console variable

Console variables;
iv_status <default - 1> - set to 0 if you want to turn it off, or any value greater than 0 to turn it on.
iv_viewsmooth <default - 0.2, maximum - 0.6> - view smoothing for the script when it’s turned on, recommended value is the default one.


Q: When I turn the script on, I don’t see my head on my shadow

A: That is one of the anti-clipping measures. I have made the head really really small, to make sure that there is no clipping with the head.

Q: Sometimes when I walk up to a wall, my view goes back to standard first person view.

A: That is also one of the anti-clipping measures. If I had removed this feature, and you walked up to a wall, you would see through the wall.

Q: There’s this small cube-looking crosshair, what’s it for?

A: The default crosshair is just placed at the center of your screen. The cube-looking crosshair displays where you really aim.

Q: Does this work with PAC2?

A: I have let a friend of mine test it with PAC2, and yes, it does indeed work with PAC2!

Q: The models look like absolute ass.

A: Nothing I can do about it, as HL2, CS:S and other models from Valve games were never meant to be used with a script like this.

Q: The flashlight is acting really weird when I use it with the script turned on.

A: Again, nothing I can do about it. The flashlight ignores the viewmodel by default, but it doesn’t ignore anything other than that,
and since your own body is an obstacle, it will render the shadow as if it were against your body.[/release]

Download here:


Kogitsune - helping me out in various ways, suggesting the viewsmooth feature

Nice, I love it! :smiley:

Nice work budd :slight_smile:

Out of nowhere leetnoob comes out and releases a plethora of game modes/addons. <3 no homo

This one looks great, any idea if it’ll work with sharpye?

It’s finally out, fuck yes!

Is there a way to tell if a server has script enforcer on?

Is that the worldmodel being used as a viewmodel?
Oh wow yes.

Actually, it draws your player model and places the camera to your head bone and then removes the head bone to reduce clipping.

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If it’s on - then it’s displayed in the server tags.

i love this :downs:

Too bad HL2’s worldmodels look like shit, and that most custom ones are pointed down to the ground.

Good work though.

Really good, the only improvements I’d suggest are making a toggle-able option in the menu for easy access, and add something like an fov to the addon, it seems like all the guns are either too far or too close to my face

You do realize that I can’t do anything about the weapons, since they’re not viewmodels, right?

Can’t you move the camera’s position to be forward/backward a bit, though? Doesn’t change the model, just gives the player the ability to move the camera to their liking.

Going to release an update sometime later today. I’ve added in a menu in which you can customize some stuff.

Wish the player models weren’t so misalligned to the weapon-holdtypes.
Is there a way to fix it without browsing through the engine’s guts?

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Maybe you could implement a custom animation system like in Tiramisu?

The only way to fix it is for Garry or an animator to modify holdtype animations, which is something that’s not going to happen.

A custom animation system is too much hassle over a small addon like this.

Here’s the update:

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Automerge failed again, fuck.

Reminds me of the first person mod for GTA IV

The first person mod for GTA IV works exactly the same way, but because of the fact that GTA IV has better animations, models and textures, it’s that much better in GTA IV.

this work with spacebuild?

How am I supposed to know? Try it out yourself.