Immersive Global Chat idea

Ham Radio:
150 metal frags
4 batteries
100 wood

Allows players to text or voice chat globally even in ‘local’ servers. Can only connect with other players who have one.

Talk to other parties who are high-tech like you, organize against barbarian clans who just raid and murder. Bam! Rust has just entered the Classical Era.

This is a GREAT idea!

Good and not good. I think global chat should be used by anyone. I am having fun by that while I am boringly walking in the field, also I sometimes search for players to join, or trade, or asking if are there any hungarians on the server.

On the other hand it gives to realism, so I definitely give my agreement, just in an another form maybe.

Lets make it optional, and also, make it rather a SOUND chat for someone who is using microphones. Also, make a telephone system. Gaining/crafting telephones would help ingame trade and chat, between 2 person, rather than always befriending each other on steam. Your phone screen would list every available phones on the server, you can chat personally.

I would go even further, if there are people really role-play minded, you could get other people’s phones, and see their sms-s. Of course you can easily go around and simply speak it on steam.

i’m fond of local and global chat options by default, but i like the idea of telecasting voice via a ham radio/sat dish. that actually makes quite a bit of sense, and has some interesting potential.

Heh, maybe a cheap radio based telegraph that is easier to make would allow text chat, while a ham radio would allow speaking as well.

Also, there could be no-signal areas.

I would rather put a kind of radio locator that, once build, gives you the distance between you and each person at the time they wrote a message in the chat.

Yes please. I know this wouldn’t fit with the game because cell phones require a GSM network (which I assume would be kaput), but I just want to be able to mug people for their phones. Imagine doing that, and scrolling through their sms’s and finding a msg from their friend saying what their door code was.

Nope, not really. There are a lot of other ways for that. Like activating sattelite dish, and making it a satellite connection.

Better, you have to build gsm networks, which covers a given area. Also costs much, has extra functions.

Sorry to bump this thread back up, got the idea of having these devices synch up with the big satellite dishes. Perhaps not forcing people to be near it, but some type of advantage to players closer to it or something. Maybe they CANT be used in radtowns because of the “heavy radiation” or something.

Or they would give the code in teamspeak, vent, raid call or over Steam…why would anyone “text” a code and have a permanent record or it?

On topic, a HAM radio is a great idea. Be kinda neat to listen and have convos with other people on certain waves.

Now, we don’t even have to be within sight of each other to unintelligibly bellow profanities at each other! Think of the possibilities! LOL. Seriously though, it sounds like a cool idea. I like the local voice chat we have now since it adds to the realism of it. You have to be physically near someone to speak with them, but it would be nice to have an option of some kind to be able to speak over a distance. Native to the game of course, as there are always the external methods of communication (Skype, TS, etc.)

EDIT: Basic radios woud be more fitting as cell phone type communications take advanced electronics that wouldn’t fit in very well with the Rust style (in my opinion). Then, as already mentioned, you could have blackout areas where radio communication doesn’t work for one reason or another (radiation interference, landscape/terrain, player-built radio jammers?!)

Love the OP’s idea…

I like the idea but the big satellite dish would be useless with out a satellite in orbit. If there are satellites then there are a whole can of worms to contend with, No reason not to have GPS or Internet, that not survival that’s just living in a 3rd world country
Satellites are an narrow beam communication device not an Omnidirectional broadcast antenna,
but having control of a radio/antenna array which is basic technology anyone with some wire, resistors, some carbon and a bit of power can create a basic transmitter/receiver, that could give the occupying player an advantage maybe the ablilty to hear all broadcasts on the island but only on the frequency he is on at that time.

I think the CB/ham-radio is the best solution and maybe up-gradable antennas, hand held versions having a small broadcast range while home/base units would have larger range depending on the level of your antenna,

What about a satellite balloon you can send up high? It can gain energy from the sun, and/or the wind, and also position himself, it is possible in reality IMO. Another challenge to build (1/map), which may even get you a screenshot of the map from up there.

The logistics of a satellite balloon would be a nightmare (in real life If Rust was real) firstly you would need a tracking program on the balloon which could track not only the narrow beam from the dish but wind speeds, thermals and other atmospheric anomalies, programmers nightmare with out some kind of GPS and weather tracking system, propulsion would be another factor, a propulsion unit that can combat wind and gust changes to keep it in the stream of data would have to be high powered needing more than solar power,

Even if you were thinking out of atmosphere balloons they are of a very advanced fabric which i doubt we could construct without a lab. and the guidance would have to be perfect to keep the craft in Geostationary orbit.
nice idea tho.

Unless you need to project information around a planet you don’t need satellites, just a large antenna on the tallest thing on the island,

That is why there would be one on the map. Hid in a military bunker or in some laboratory. You dont have to think in mongol steppes when thinking about loot.

But maybe, a net of radio/gsm-towers would be more balanced.

Based on some of the planned facilities that have a rather ‘future look’ I think it’s safe to assume there are still left over orbitting satellites. Really the problem would be with the on earth dish that is all broken down. The ones in space would probably remain untouched by time. I get that radio signals and the signals satellites use are different but maybe in the future things have been changed. Who knows what technology there used to be.

It all depends on how far into the future we are. Satelites have an expiration date, things also break down and then there micro asteroids strikes etc that can take them out. Looking at the buildings proposed however i dont thi k we are more than 100 to 200 years post disaster. The lighthouse especially shows not much degredation

Horrible idea. Maybe just for chat in local servers, but as soon as a troll has access to VOIP globally, it’s GG if you can’t mute anyone…